OKI printers redefine garment printing and wide range of promotional graphic applications

JN Arora Groups, which solely deals with OKI printers in India, is taking the graphic arts printing to a new level with the introduction of a line of OKI printers offering complete media flexibility and unique option of printing with a fifth colour. Three OKI printers from the company’s product line—Pro 7411WT, Pro 9542 dn and Pro 8432WT redefine garment printing and many other promotional graphic applications.


Apart from offering outstanding print quality and higher print speeds, OKI printers are boon for PSPs with lower total cost of ownership and complete media flexibility. “With our line of compact OKI printers, we aim at providing graphic arts shops a complete solution of printing such as T-shirt, POS graphics, promotional merchandise graphics and others,” says Vimlesh Arora, Managing Director, JN Arora Group.

OKI Pro7411WT for decors & POS graphics

OKI Pro7411WT is a professional A4 white toner printer for garment decoration, design, POS, etc. This system is part of OKI’s white toner (WT) portfolio – the original printer range that offers PSPs the ability to extend the use of A4 coloured media, clear film and transfer media in a simple, easy-to-use and reliable device, ensuring colour and image integrity making it perfect for any print shop engaging in personalising garment decoration, art, craft, fashion, among others.

Being the fast, affordable solution for printing white, OKI Pro7411WT offers A4 media versatility on weights up to 250gsm, and banner lengths of up to 1320mm. Class-leading performance in a compact desktop design delivers stunning solid whites and vibrant colour normally only achievable from expensive production printer. Everything happening in-house, all barriers to creative potential are now finally removed allowing short-run production of display materials, bespoke stationery, t-shirt and promotional merchandise.

OKI Pro 9542 for print-on-demand

Now that the OKI Pro 9542 is designed perfectly for print on-demand, this system offers full range of process colours, including solid white on a dark background. Moreover, this system is also fully compatible with Efi Fiery XF 5.0 server which enables advanced colour management, including white and process colours, optimising colour depth and print quality.

OKI Pro9542 is an affordable and unique high definition printer that enables print shops to not only print a full range of process colours but also offers white. This printer combines a highly competitive capital cost and ultra-high capacity toners to deliver a considerably reduced total cost of ownership, essential where high coverage and quality is demanded. Creating stunning vibrancy of colour on dark or transparent media, this printer uses the combination of superb print resolution of 1200 x 1200dpi. Pro9542dn delivers faster short run on-demand printing.

Media flexibility of the printer is capable to beat all others in its class. It enables print shops to print in-house on a complete range of media, which includes widest paper handling from A6 to SR A3 for banner lengths up to 1.3m. The range of media includes gloss paper, film, transfer paper, waterproof paper and others. It takes more than 530 sheets tray as standard, up to 2,950 sheets with optional trays and robust 300 sheet multi-purpose tray for added flexibility.

OKI Pro8432WT for easier digital transfer

OKI Pro8432WT is a compact, affordable device that features a straight-through print path and high-efficiency material handling for ease of operation and lower cost-of-ownership. It provides HD-quality colour digital transfer output for apparel, hard goods and a range of promotional materials. The printer features advanced, best-in-class white toner technology with solid opacity and CMY colour. Versatile and cost-effective, Pro8432WT supports interchangeable black and white toner. The SWAP toner technology of the printer offers unique ability for new and existing customers to accommodate both CMY + white or CMY + true black printing – in a single printer.

HD Color Quality with white toner – for breathtaking output on transfer media up to 11 x 17 inch. Pro8432WT produces vibrant, high-quality colour heat transfers easily and cost effectively. It produces vibrant colour transfers on both light and dark apparel, hard goods, promotional merchandise and more. Pro8432WT offers the versatility that lets print shops adopt new applications, access lucrative new revenue streams and grow business. This printer is easy-to-use, time-saving and affordable alternative to screen printing, allowing users to quickly and cost effectively deliver unique output with little to no setup costs.

Compact and solid, Pro8432WT fits on a desktop and prints on transfer sheets up to 11 x 17 inch, combining enhanced high definition colour printing and Single Pass Color technologies with a straight-through paper path for output that ordinarily requires expensive specialty media printing processes. With Pro8432WT, there is no compromising in print shops; designs or worrying about how vibrant colours will look on dark material. The Pro8432WT enables them to easily print what they need in-house, when they need it — with breathtaking results.

Fast print speeds and increased productivity, Pro8432WT keeps work flowing smoothly, producing up to 16 full colour transfers per minute (letter-size) and up to 9 tabloid-size (11 x 17 inch) transfers per minute — even when applying full coverage at high resolution. For day-to-day printing, Pro8432WT has a 300-sheet paper tray and prints in colour plus black through a mix of Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow toner.

Combining all of the superior features of OKI with outstanding graphics quality provided by the company’s pioneering digital LED technology, print shops have witnessed a revolution in printing for the graphic design, education and merchandising sectors, conveying its tagline—Print Smart, Print OKI!