Impact and importance of physical advertising to remain irreplaceable


With gradual re-opening of the Indian economy and steady return of outdoor interactions to normal, there is possibility of the indoor, outdoor and signage advertising segments to be resurrected as credible advertising mediums for B2C communication. Here is an insight into this revival.

Change in the nature of B2C interaction has altered the perception towards advertising. Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19 crisis, the OOH segment in India was growing at a healthy rate, estimated to gain six percent share in ad spend by the end of 2020. However, due to the impact of pandemic the physical advertising segments have been facing a slight decline like many other industries.

“Since decades, the indoor, outdoor and signage advertising segments in India have allowed businesses to connect with their audience on a more personal and emotional level. With restrictions on trade and consumer mobility now being slowly lifted and level of outdoor interactions returning to normal, these segments will make a comeback as credible advertising mediums for B2C communication,” affirmed Raj Gopal Iyer, General Manager – Marketing, Infiniti Retail (Croma), at the Media Expo webinar on ‘Behavioural Change in Indoor and Outdoor Advertising After COVID-19’ organised by Messe Frankfurt India.

Change in consumer behaviour

Consumer behaviour is also deemed to change in post-pandemic time as many consumers who have been dormant in their buying habits will turn to ‘revenge shopping’ and demand from these

players will immediately permeate the market in post lockdown. “Hence, the goal of advertising will be to draw demand from ‘revelation buyers’ and ‘restricted buyers’ who will be much reclusive in their buying,” shared Ambi Parameswaran, Brand Coach and Founder,, at the Media Expo webinar.

Messe Frankfurt India’s virtual webinars for Media Expo have played a crucial role in keeping the printing, advertising and signage fraternity in sync throughout the unprecedented times of COVID-19 crisis. The insights gained during these webinars would help the organiser create a much better equipped platform for B2B reconnection through its upcoming exhibition.

Significance of physical ads

“Both the digital and physical advertising mediums will be equally crucial for businesses to re-engage with their customers in the new normal. However, physical advertising mediums like indoor and outdoor signage graphics will hold a significant value for marketers as the impact of personal touch that they have on customers will remain irreplaceable,” said Raj Manek, Executive Director and Board Member, Messe Frankfurt Asia Holdings Ltd. He continued,

“I therefore believe that as the economy heads towards total unlock, the physical advertising mediums are bound to make a strong comeback.”

Innovations to be unveiled

The New Delhi edition of Media Expo 2020, which is scheduled to be organised from December 4 – 6, 2020, will bring an array of innovations from a host of exhibitors comprising manufacturers of machines, indoor and outdoor signage solutions, agencies, vendors and so on. Equipped with smart solutions and a rejuvenated approach for the future, the prediction is that the physical advertising fraternity will be certainly able to bounce back ever so strongly.

(Source: Statista)