Siser and JN Arora look at bigger picture of heat transfer printing market in India

Whatever wearable item, from hat to T-shirt, it can be decorated like never before as heat transfer vinyl comes on a clear carrier that stabilises the material for cutting and keeping text and images aligned during heat application. And here comes Siser to make a whole lot of possibilities just waiting to be created! JN Arora Group is Indian channel partner of this Italian manufacturer of flagship range of heat transfer vinyl materials.


With its history of excellence, constant research and infinite curiosity, Siser keeps bringing possibility of being able to express freely in heat transfer printing, choosing from 40 different products available in a vast range of colours. The history of the company is dated back to the ‘70s in Vicenza in North-East Italy. Initially in the early ‘80s the product portfolio of Siser mainly comprised ready-to-apply range designed for the sports sector and materials for die-cutting. Then the company added two revolutionary plotter cutting products to its range—Videoflex and Stripflock.

Indian connection

Over the years, the company has been expanding its product portfolio and recognition all over the world as a leading brand of highly premium range of heat-transfer materials for applications on fabrics. In the year 2007, Siser set its foot in India through a firm partnership with JN Arora Group. “JN Arora Group has been our historical partner in India. Together we started the whole India project with a lot of challenges we kept facing before we attained our success,” says Marco de Rossi, Marketing Director, Siser Pte Ltd, Singapore.

“Logistic is still quite challenging for us. To serve the Asian markets, Siser has its office and warehouse in Singapore,” says Vimlesh Arora, Managing Director, JN Arora Group. He mentions that the demand for Siser materials in the Indian market is gaining growth year-on-year and new strategies are in pipeline to figure out further business expansion and ease of availability of products.

Right from the inception, Siser has been characterised by an undisputed capacity for innovation and this trait of the company has become increasingly enterwined with a natural passion for excellence. Inspired by these values, the company has been focusing on newer cutting innovations—not just cad-cut applications, but also towards the new frontier in digital inkjet, Latex and other printing technologies, consolidating its prominent position with constant evolution of a rapidly expanding range of materials in its portfolio.

Range of products

Today, Siser is projecting itself into the future with over 40 different products in a vast range of colours, built on quality transformed into the freedom to create. The portfolio consists of popular heat transfer vinyl range of EasyWeed PS Film, PS Film Extra, PS Stretch, Hi-5, PS Subli LT, PS Electric, PS Perfor, PS Adhesive, PS Metallic, Brick – Matt & Glossy, Blackboard, Videoflex Moda, Foil and others in a wide spectrum of colours. “When we chose a brand or company for collaboration, we study their value and authenticity very carefully. Siser is a time-tested and verified brand. We are proud to be a partner with them,” comments Vimlesh.

Mentioning some latest products in Siser’s portfolio now available in India, Marco says that there are some newly introduced ones. Of them, he points out Easy Subli, which combines the beauty and definition of dye sublimation with softness and resistance of print & cut materials. “The product is REACH compliant and printable with sublimation ink on cotton,” he mentions, adding that for people who want to sublimate on 100 percent cotton, Siser finally has the solution for them.

Aesthetic characteristics

Siser materials are maintained with certain aesthetic characteristics such as colour fastness and washing resistance. “Our customers are assured the same tonality of colours even after long periods of time and many washes. Materials are soft even after transferring and washing—all these characteristics are always verified with constantly testing the raw materials and production processes,” informs Marco. He also mentions that uniquely designed adhesives in Siser materials are formulated to work for specific materials with guarantee for perfect bond.

All Siser materials are tested for strength and endurance both in its labs and through the company’s network of customers worldwide. The products are specifically designed to offer simplicity and speed during application, allowing customers to optimize work time. The materials are hugely used in diverse sectors, including retail, corporate and sports.

“In India, what we expect is that in the next few years when the export houses, textile and garment manufacturers are going to adopt print & cut and plotter cutting vinyl as an alternative to screen printing or any other traditional printing technology, we see a bigger picture and expanding business in a big way,” comments Marco, adding conclusively that eco-friendliness, REACH compliant and other features are what Siser is deserved to gain a new momentum in the Indian heat transfer printing market.