ADS LED modules and power supplies flare smart light behind every illuminated sign

Specialised in development, production and marketing of best-in-class LED modules and power supplies used in the signage industry, ADS LED devotes to adopting new technology for producing a range of reliable, energy-efficient, environment-friendly and high-quality products. Here is the flashback of how the company started its journey and its range of ever demanded products.


ADS LED was incepted in November 2014 in Ahmedabad by three like-minded entrepreneurs who have more than 20 years of experience in the signage industry, engaging in diverse fields of manufacturing and trading raw materials used in the illuminated signage sector. The three entrepreneurs are: Gautam Bajaj, Director, Aristocrat Electronics & Alfa Neon Industry, Bengaluru; Vipul Patel, Director, Dhruvi Creation, Ahemdabad; and Zakir Vora, Director, Sign India Corporation. Their main motive was to expand their business to another level and reduce the dependence on imports.

The three dynamic partners

Gautam Bajaj has been in the sign industry since 1995 selling and manufacturing cold cathode lighting products so called as neon sign components covering the southern Indian region.His company Aristocrat Electronics & Alfa Neon Industry distributes and represents several overseas companies in India, such as EGL Company, Inc (USA), F.A.R.T. (Italy), Neon-Pro (China) and Daehantrans (South Korea). The company has also set up more than 50 neon sign manufacturing plants in India and overseas countries like Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia and Mauritius.

Similarly, Vipul Patel is another industry veteran who has been engaging in business of sign boards since 1995. His company Dhruvi Creation is known for being first to introduce and install LED modules in billboards, outdoor kiosks and sign boards across Gujarat in 2008. Also, Dhruvi Creation is the first company to manufacture LED modules for signage application in India and selling the products across the country for over 12 years now.

Zakir Vora’s Sign India Corporation is a company engaged in manufacturing sign boards. Incepted in 1992, the company kept expanding its business into new domains such as trading of LED modules and power supplies in India when the popularity of LED embedded signboards was just started. Over the years Sign India Corporation has been emerged as a popular manufacturer of signboards with expertise in choosing right product for right application. Technically sound and having been willingness to share knowledge to all their customers made Sign India Corporation able to sell their products to sign makers across Gujarat and covering many parts of North, East and Western regions of India.

Products & production process

“ADS LED is our brand and we are proud to be the first manufacturing company for LED modules in India,” says Gautam Bajaj, adding that they have an in-house facility spreading over 20,000 sqft where manufactured LED modules and source power supply – LED drivers with BIS approval under stringent quality control management and in-house test facility.

The production facility of ADS LED is equipped with a complete line of machines to manufacture LED modules. The line consists of a Wave Soldering – SMT Line with 3 Pick and Place Machines, Vertical and Horizontal Injection Moulded Machines, Special Purpose Automatic Machines designed to cut, slit and solder wires as well as Automatic Soldering Machines, Special Purpose Machines for screws to establish contact between PCB and Wires, Ultrasonic Welding Machines, Pad Printing Machines and a line of testing facility at every stage with aging check.

When it comes to overall quality in their products and production process, ADS LED is an ISO 9000 registered company and it boasts of a technically qualified quality control team who can assure every product is tested and verified. “We test even raw materials on the inward side and every raw material received is passed a QC process. We conduct testing process at every stage the product is made. The Testing process starts once the LED is mounted on the PCB and the test continues further at the time of moulding, pre-aging and finally post-ageing test to maintain 100 percent quality assurance,” explains Vipul Patel.

Unique among others

ADS LED products are different from any other available in the market. Giving the reason why it is so, Zakir says, “We deliver consistence in colour. Our product line is far more reliable than any product available in the market in terms of quality, which means that life of the product with the least amount of light decay as per industry standard. We always upgrade with the times by adding newer products to our range with ‘value for money’ pricing.”

ADS LED products are approved by big corporate biggies like Samsung, Vivo, Comio, Oyo, Times OOH, Marks & Spencer, Reliance Retail, Max Retail, Tanishq, Burger King, Ford, Airport Authority of India (AAI) and others for their unique and landmark projects across the country. ADS LED has pan-India presence through its wide network of three branch offices and 12 distributors.

Future prospects

As LED technology has been developed over the past ten years the entire lighting industry today is totally switched to this technology. Be it conventional lighting at residences, commercial purposes in industrial lighting, street lights, high bay, backlit and frontlit lights in the sign industry, every aspect of lighting has got converted to LED as LEDs are very efficient, energy saving, a very good life span, easy-to-use as time is passing by. “LED technology is going to stay for the years to come in the signage industry in India and the world over,” observes Gautam.

ADS LED boasts of a complete range of LED modules and power supplies. But the latest from company this year will be their ‘Illuminator-PREMIUM Series LED Modules & Power Supply – LED Drivers’ that will be suitable for petroleum, banking & automobile sectors. “This new range of products will be suitable for end customer where the use of signage is considered as an investment rather than an expense,” mentions Vipul Patel. He adds that the regular ADS LED range of products will also have an up-gradation with additional line of products with better lens and also cost effective range.

Conclusively, Zakir conveys their thankfulness to all their customers for using ADS LED products and supports which in turn makes what we they are today in the industry. He continues, “We thank one and all associated in our journey of success. We always believe that success is a journey and not a destination. In this journey we will continue this path with our wonderful T.E.A.M of all our channel partners and distributorsaccross India.”

Here the trust in the strength of the T.E.A.M. is signified as T (TOGETHER) E (EVERYBODY) A (ACHIEVES) M (MORE).