Finding the silver lining in the Corona Cloud!


Look at how the COVID-19 crisis has impacted businesses in all spheres and crippled day-to-day life of every one of us! It’s been a huge challenge for everyone, but I’m really proud of how our industry is involving and managing to survive to a certain extent. The signage industry during this dreadful pandemic period has a good amount of work with some businesses and industries that fall under the ‘essential’ categories, such as hospitals, testing facilities, grocery stores, etc. In a big way, signage plays a pivotal role in helping people to combat COVID-19.

During and after the lockdown, the role of signage will remain the most conspicuous and important for the fact that sectors like retail, healthcare and many other businesses will require signage solutions that encourage social distancing and various safety measures. So far, there have been instances of signage players gaining business momentum during the COVID-19 crisis as they help medical professionals on the frontline, provide public signage solutions, etc. Like the packaging sector, business in the signage market will surely be picking up even when the lockdown is totally lifted.

In fact, for signage players, it’s about finding the silver lining in the corona cloud. They must aware of the fact that the volume of their work will surely be increased manifold in the post-lockdown period. There will be demand for all new range of sign solutions like social distancing floor graphics, reopening signs, take-away signage, acrylic sneeze guards, vehicle graphics and others which for many PSPs and sign makers could be totally a new experience. That’s why it could be a challenging but a new exciting task for them.

There is one thing we all are pretty sure of—there will be demands for creative works. Signage players should get ready for that! For example, when a business is reopen after a long lockdown period, the company will surely want to announce its resumption in a big way, attractively with an attractive advertisement. In this, it will be the role of signage players to offer ideas and options, whether the attractiveness could be gained through a banner print or display board or any other format.

Sonal Khurana
Sonal Khurana

It’s not only the PSPs and sign makers who will grab the new business opportunity in the post lockdown period. More or less, the opportunity is also for the machine and equipment manufacturers who could also step up to help their customers. This is the time they must focus on offering relevant machines and technologies and some innovative out-of-the-box solutions that can help their customers get the best of this difficult situation.

Unlike others, we in the signage industry have a totally new business experience during this challenging time of COVID-19 crisis. We could monitor the situation in a different way. In this difficult time, signage players are meant to support their customers to push business to another level. It’s time for new growth. Grab the opportunity!

Sonal Khurana