GCC JF-240UV multi-function UV flatbed printer extends printing possibilities


By adding roll-to-roll system and rotary attachment, GCC JF-240UV multi-function flatbed printer extends printing possibilities. The printer can print on roll media such as polyester, paper, and vinyl for a wide range of applications including posters, display systems, light boxes, stickers, films, wallpapers and drapes. The rotary attachment in the system is an ideal tool for printing cylindrical or tapered items ranging from glasses and mugs to tumblers and bottles. The rotary attachment can also perfectly perform on a wide variety of products. In addition, the FlexiPRINT 12 RIP software bundled with the printer enables users to produce personalised, creative and unique products from design to production with ease. In fact, GCC JF-240UV is designed to allow users to create diverse printing applications with intuitive operation.

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