Mimaki to sell OKI Data wide-format inkjet printers worldwide


Mimaki and OKI have concluded an exclusive international sales agreement for the distribution of OKI Data wide-format inkjet printers. Under the agreement, from April 1, 2020, Mimaki will sell OKI Data wide format inkjet printers, ink and other supplies, and maintenance parts in overseas markets through Mimaki Engineering’s international sales network. The products covered by this international alliance include OKI Data’s two wide-format inkjet printers—ColorPainter H3-104s and ColorPainter M-64s—as well as ink and other supplies for these models and for other OKI Data wide format inkjet printers previously sold by OKI Data.

Backed by an international dealer network in 150 countries, Mimaki Engineering delivers not just products, but a comprehensive environment to meet the need of their customers who use the products, advocating community-based sales activities. OKI Data concluded the agreement based on its high regard for Mimaki Engineering’s technological capabilities and sales and maintenance performance in the wide-format inkjet printer business. OKI Data’s judgment was that the alliance will make it possible both the companies to continue serving existing customers reliably and to propose solutions to even more customers.