AXYZ releases new CNC router app with automation feature


AXYZ has announced the release of a new Pendulum Processing app that saves time and money with its simple automation feature. Once the app is downloaded, users can stitch all the NC files they need to run different cutting projects continuously on the same CNC machine. For large machines such as those that are 50.8cm or longer, this app reduces the amount of time required to process multiple sheets on a machine setup to run a front and back operation.

This new app for AXYZ makes easy process to combine all NC files into one single file that users can use on any AXYZ CNC router. No more running to one end of the table to load a new NC file on the AXYZ Controller. Three simple steps—1. Parts are machined at the front of the CNC router (Sheet 1). When complete, the cutter will move to the middle of the table and pause. 2. Press OK on the SMARTConsole. 3. The cutter then moves to the next sheet and completes (Sheet 2). Upon completion of Sheet 2, the cutter will move to the pause position and if further sheets are part of the job, will continue the cycle. The app is available for download on (a division of AXYZ).