XAAR opens up new inkjet capabilities with Ultra High Viscosity jetting


Most printheads can only jet materials with viscosities of up to 10-25 centipoise (cP). But with its Ultra High Viscosity, XAAR announces its unique TF Technology with innovative High Laydown, featuring fluids with significantly higher viscosities – up to 100 cP – can now be jetted. Ultra High Viscosity jetting opens up a wide range of new inkjet capabilities and applications for OEMs and manufacturers using XAAR technology. The ability to lay down fluids with higher particle loading and particle sizes offers advantages such as an increased colour gamut, opacity and special effects. In addition, jetting higher molecular weight photopolymers for Advanced Manufacturing and 3D printing applications is possible. The announcement of Xaar’s Ultra High Viscosity capability followed the appointment of Dr John Mills as CEO at XAAR.