Monotech Systems’ magnificent seven Pixeljet UV Series printers

Monotech Systems, a leading manufacturer of high performance digital large-format printers and supplier of other allied machines, offers a line of Pixeljet UV Series printers, which are compatibly designed to take on whole varieties of media or materials for all possible applications. The line consists of seven highly versatile UV flatbed and UV LED roll-to-roll printers.


The seven Pixeljet UV Series printers in the portfolio of Monotech Systems are categorised in accordance to their competencies and features such as sizes ranging from 6ftto 10ftand running speeds between 100sqft/hr and 700sqft/hr. The models are: Pixeljet 3218/2512 RMOUV Hybrid Printer; Pixeljet 2132High-Volume UV Flatbed Printer; Pixeljet 2512Faster, Mid-Volume UV Flatbed Printer; Pixeljet 1212Entry-Level UV Flatbed Printer; Pixeljet UV mini UV Flatbed Printer; Pixeljet POWERPRO High Speed 3.2 m UV LED Roll-to-Roll Printer; and Pixeljet mini RTR UV LED Roll-to-Roll Printer.

Of the UV flatbed family, Pixeljet UVminiUV Flatbed Printer is a high-value system designed for printing small and medium volume signage and promotional items. This mini flatbed system fills the gap between slow-running inkjet printers and expensive high-end inline machines. Equipped with five RICOH GH2220 industrial high resolution piezo-electric gray scale printheads, rugged and industrial design of Pixeljet UV mini allows 24x7continuous printing, week after week, producing 720×1200dpi resolution in uni and bi-direction.

All the seven Pixeljet UV Series printers are magnificent to print on almost all media, whether in flatbed or roll-to-roll process. The flatbed printers can take on wide varieties of rigid materials such as glass, tiles, wood, other industrial applications like PVC, ACP, Leather and many more….In the meanwhile, the roll-to-roll systems are compatible with diverse range of media including wall paper, leather, soft film, vinyl, PP, PE and more. In a way, Pixeljet UV Series meets the need of every PSP working for any sort of signage or graphic art project.

Ever since the launch of the series in 2012, Monotech Systems has installed more than 250 Pixeljet UV Series printers across India. Apart from their unique features, these printers are cost-effective and highly economical as compared to any other printer in their class. The company integrates the printers at its state-of-the-art plant in Chennai, implementing Agfa thin ink layer technology for which Monotech Systems is India partner. Such technology helps PSPs using Monotech printers capable to print more, saydouble, than those using non-thin technology printers with the same ink volume. Pixeljet UV Series printers use Pixeljet inks, customised motor drives and other essential components.

From time to time, Monotech Systems has been upgrading its wide-format portfolio. The company introduced 8x4ft true flatbed in the first place in 2012, after that launched bigger sizel—7x10ft model equipped with Spectra printhead. Two years later, the company partnered with Konica Minolta for printheads. After that, in 2016, RICOH Gen-5 printheads were opted for Pixeljet printers. Now the company has already launched its POWERPRO with RICOH Gen6 printhead and would be soon launching with Kyocera printheads.

All Pixeljet models are highly user friendly as there is no need for skilled operator to run these high performance printers. Anybody can operate the printers after a few days of training. Merely two operators can productively operate a Pixeljet printer. As per the requirement of their customers, Monotech Systems provides onsite or offsite training on overall functioning, operation and features of Pixeljet printers.

When it comes to after-sale service, Monotech Systems has a team of over 30 support engineers operating pan-India. In addition, four regional managers with a national head look after every region to provide uninterrupted services to every single customer across the country. The company’s wide-format division is handled by a team of 75 well-trained and experienced professionals.