Ring in this new decade with many new starts

Sonal Khurana
Sonal Khurana

There is a saying that the first step towards getting somewhere is to decide we are not going to stay where we always are. We have recently marked the end of a decade and we are now slipped into a new year, a new decade. Taking advantage of this importance of timing, let’s pitch for some new developments and new starts in the industry in different verticals, so that we end this decade strong and successfully.

When we look at the technologies or machines which keep on gaining popularity, UV comes in the scene as PSPs are adopting this technology to expand their business to another level. Even many PSPs in tier-II and III cities in several parts of the country start adopting UV printers, which open whole new possibilities in printing and production of highly innovative quality graphic prints. UV has quite a prospective future.

Another area that keeps expanding with prospects to rule the future is ‘textile’ printing. We can see textile printing gaining new ground everywhere, with its added advantage of being ‘green’. Nowadays, environmental issue is a big concern in any part of the globe. In this respect, textile will stand last forever when it comes to using only media that wouldn’t affect the environment. That’s why PSPs can start looking at this new decade as a time textile printing will escalate to another level.

It’s a fact that every one of us in the industry nowadays is very conscious about eco-friendliness in terms of machines and materials. As textile is common norm among PSPs who would like to go for green media, they also look for other added safety features, such as fire retardant quality, while choosing standard printing materials. Many prefer the media which meet stringent flame safety rating or international standards.

When we talk about safety, here is another important point—not related to machines or media, but the safety of our dutiful signage installers. Sign installers deserve for highly safety gadgets, particularly when they work at various elevations above the ground, such as high building or high store front. Safety gadgets must be made mandatory for sign buyers for the safety of their sign installers.

In this issue, Haridwar & Roorkee are the two cities we cover under our Region Exclusive column. These two cities boast of a host of sign makers who are aiming at the adoption of new machines and technologies, such as textile printing, dye-sub, etc, to take their business to a new height.

Well, wish you all a very Happy New Year and New Decade. Let’s ring in this new decade with many new starts to boost business.

Sonal Khurana