Arrow Digital installs EFI Pro 30h at Mumbai’s Jayna Packaging


Arrow Digital, an authorised dealer of EFI in India, has installed an EFI Pro 30h at Jayna Packaging in Mumbai, setting a milestone signifying the second EFI machine from the supplier at the company’s production facility. EFI Pro 30h features EFI UltraDrop technology that ensures exceptional print quality with a greyscale printing capability of 7pL and a remarkable resolution of up to 1200 dpi. Moreover, the printer features a magnetic linear drive for precise drop placement and an extended colour gamut, setting Jayna Packaging apart from others and market competitions.

EFI Pro 30h offers wide versatility and opportunities with its advanced features and competencies of running up to 2,477sqft/hr, enabling Jayna Packaging to deliver them more swiftly than ever before. Haresh Mehta, MD, Jayna Packaging Pvt Ltd, comments, “One aspect that truly sets the EFI Pro 30h apart is its Genuine EFI ProGraphics XA XF UV Inks which meticulously maintain consistent and high-quality results for a broad range of applications.”

Sam Patel, CEO & MD, Arrow Digital Pvt Ltd said it’s their pleasure to witness this partnership helping the overall business of Jayna Packaging grow. “The Arrow Digital team is truly excited about this landmark installation of the EFI Pro 30h at Jayna Packaging. Cheers to our second EFI collaboration with Jayna Packaging, following the success of the EFI H1625 LED UV hybrid printer,” he concludes.