Textile & garment printing companies keep going for printers from NEGI Sign Systems & Supplies Co.


Mumbai-headquartered NEGI Sign Systems & Supplies Co. is an exclusive channel partner of Brother in India and a proud manufacturer of its widely popular Negijet TX-R1800 roll-to-roll textile printer. These printers tick all the boxes of various companies engaging in textile and garment printing. Sign & Graphics sheds a spotlight on some landmark installations.

Kota Saree Kendra Saree & Suits in Jaipur is a bustling corner where traditional and modern sarees are unfurled for customers from different walks of life. The company boasts a huge collection of sarees which they produce and print using a line of high-end machines. Latest addition to the line is a Negijet TX-R1800—a highly advanced roll-to-roll textile printer suitably designed for printing sarees and other wearable clothes. This NEGI Sign Systems & Supplies Co’s textile printer is ideal for printing on varieties of Kota saree materials & suits, bed-sheets, carpets, home décor & furnishing materials, which are made of 100 percent natural fabrics, silks and viscose.

When it comes to salient features and advancements of Negijet TX-R1800, this textile printer is equipped with RICOH Gen 5 printheads. Based on single-pass technology, it can produce prints in 600dpi on diverse textile materials. Negijet TX-R1800 is indeed a right choice for Kota Saree Kendra Saree & Suits which indulges in high quality saree printing. After all, it is highly user friendly and best in class in maintaining low running cost.

Brother GTX Pro Bulk, an X-factor in garment printing, is yet another groundbreaking product from the portfolio of NEGI Sign Systems & Supplies Co. Garment printing company Ink Pixel at Valsad in Gujarat has recently installed a brand new Brother GTX Pro Bulk printer at its production facility for boosting the overall volume of printing wearable garments to another level. Ink Pixel has been associated with Negi Sign Systems & Supplies Co. over the last five years.

Prior to the recent installation of Brother GTX Pro Bulk, Ink Pixel had invested in Brother GTX-422 Pouch model. One of the primary reasons for the company opted for another Brother GTX printer, this time a Pro Bulk model, is to increase its production quality and volume. This Pro Bulk model is suitably designed for diverse applications such as T-shirts, canvas shoes, caps, denims, hoodies, etc.

Another landmark installation of Brother GTX Pro Bulk took place at Bengaluru-based Raise On Denim, a vertically integrated apparel manufacturing company, which has been exporting to various renowned fashion brands. The company creates its niche and excellence in woven and denim items. The machine portfolio in its production and printing setup has now been upgraded to a new standard following the recent installation of a brand new Brother GTX Pro Bulk from NEGI Sign Systems & Supplies Co. Raise On Denim chooses Brother GTX Pro Bulk for its flawless competency in printing on denims, canvas, and more.

Garment printing quality of Brother GTX printers has been approved by various leading brands across the world.