New Zünd Q-Line raises bar for industrial & pallet-to-pallet production

Zünd Q-Line with BHS180 is an integrated system solution, specifically intended for the demands of highly automated, industrial finishing of printed boards for displays and packaging. Optimally coordinated with individual components like board feeder with UNDERCAM and off-load unit, it provides previously unattainable levels of productivity, together with incredible cutting accuracy and reliability.


Each component of the new Zünd Q-Line with BHS180 is replete with exciting new features. In combination, they enable an unsupervised, uninterrupted production workflow and provide users with an enormous potential for savings, irrespective of company size.

Optimum cutting precision

The all-new machine concept behind the Q-Line has redefined performance in many respects. Working together, the new machine components generate an impressive speed of up to 2.8 m/s. The new substructure for Q-Line cutters is made from extremely stable concrete. It ensures incredibly smooth operation and optimum cutting precision, even at extremely high speeds. The beams are made of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic, which makes them very light and exceedingly strong.

Latest modules & tools

Coming with the latest generation of modules and tools, AUTOMO L in Q-Line is all about force, providing a creasing pressure of up to 50 kg. This makes it the perfect carrier module for creasing with large crease wheels such as the CRETO 150. AUTOMO E excels particularly in the speed in which it lowers and lifts the tools in use. Each beam is equipped with a total of four modules—two AUTOMO E modules, one AUTOMO L, and one fixed INCAM sensor module to capture registration marks, QR codes, and material edges.UNITO is the tool used with centered and off-centered drag knives and is suitable for processing materials up to 5 mm thick.

Digital tool management

The new tool-management system for Q-Line with BHS180 makes digital finishing more efficient than ever. Q-Line cutters come standard with an automatic tool-changing system. The TOMAC Tool Management Client takes care of tool management from start to finish, ensuring easy and, above all, automated processes. Tool management digitally links the tools with presets, which saves valuable time in setup and tool changes.

Automated pallet-to-pallet production

Q-Line with BHS180 removes bottlenecks in digital cutting by eliminating the need for manual material handling. Automatic material transport from pallet-to-pallet maximizes the productivity of the production workflow and prevents idle time.A customisable, transparent production workflow also ensures smooth and reliable order processing. The system captures the information stored for each job using QR codes and thus ensures an intelligent, error-free, QR code-based production workflow. Q-Line with BHS180 is an all-in-one solution. In addition to the hardware, it also comprises a complete set of services, intuitive and straightforward software, such as Zünd Cut Center – ZCC operating software, Version 4.0, or the Zünd Connect production monitoring and analyzing tool, as well as a wide selection of consumables.