Mehta Cad Cam notches up overseas installation base


Mehta Cad Cam Systems boasts a vast machine installation base, which not only in India but also in the overseas. The company keeps increasing the installations of its ever demanded machines in the countries like UAE, USA, Nepal, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria.

Mehta’s popular machines, such as RasterJet UV hybrid printer, REX Series digital cutting machines, LX & EZ Series of CNC routers and EVA & EVAN Series laser engravers have gained demands in the overseas. Listed below are some installations taken place in the offshore destinations.

RasterJet UV hybrid printers

RasterJet UV flatbed printers from Mehta Cad Cam Systems feature internationally advanced print control system, highly efficient setting for repetitive printing, accurate positioning function. The printers have been adopted by signage companies in Platte, USA (RJ-1016); Sharjah, UAE (RJ-2513); Hetauda, Nepal(RJ-2513); Chitwan, Nepal (RJ1016) and RJ-2513.

REX Series digital cutting systems

REX Series digital cutting systems, also called flatbed cutting plotters/knife cutters, from Mehta Cad Cam Systems are designed as two tools fitting into two holders system as per requirement and in three holder system any two tools and one spindle as third tool can be fitted for cutting corrugated paper, rubber, leather, PU (artificiall eather), honeycomb, etc. The digital cutting systems have been installed at Sharjah (REX-18320); Nigeria (EX-1530-1500R) and Erica-30.

Mehta CNC routers

Mehta CNC routers are engineered with heavy duty compressor which has air-assist combining adjustable focus systems in co-axial jet air to prevent cutting edge from burning down. The machines feature foot-mounting legs so that there is no vibration and can be adjusted on zero level. Installations of the machines took place in Riyadh (LX-II-1325); Sharjah (EZ-II-1325); EZ-II-1325; EZ-II-1325; and Nigeria (LX-1325).

EVA Series laser engravers

EVA Series laser engraving machines feature laser cut window-based software to enhance cutting speed & angle/curve performance. A host of overseas companies which have installed the machines are dotted in Sharjah (EVA II-43); Hetauda, Nepal (EVA II-43); Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (EVA-48) & EVA II-43; Chitwan, Nepal (EVA II-43); Nigeria (EVA II-43); Nigeria (EVAN-30); and Hetauda, Nepal (EVA II-43).

Mehta Cad Cam Systems manufactures its line of digital large-format machines, CNC routers, laser engraving machines and others at its state-of-the-art production facility in Ahmedabad.

(This report on Mehta’s new machine installations will be continued in the next issue.)