Mehta’s 18 pL Seiko solvent printers defy choosing between speed and quality


Mehta Cad Cam Systems has been into business for more than three decades now and established itself as market leader in three segments of CNC, laser and digital printers over the years. The company’s R&D team always works hard to improve their existing range of products. Their solvent printers are equipped with strong electronics, latest and powerful software and Seiko 1024HG printhead that delivers print output at 18 pL in high speed.

In the line, Sino is equipped with two Seiko printheads to print at the speed of 1200 sqft/ hr. In the meanwhile, Princeis equipped with four Seiko printheads to run at 2400 sqft/hr. Likewise, Crown is equipped with six Seiko printheads to print at the speed of 3600 sqft/hr. All these three solvent printers offer outstanding output at 18 pL every time. Shailesh Mehta, Director, Mehta Cad Cam Systems Pvt Ltd claims, “Our Sino, Prince and Crown offer an unmatched printing resolution against any competitor’s brands available in the Indian market whether it’s about printing on vinyl, flex, or banner media.”

Kyocera UV flatbeds from Mehta at unbelievable price

After the success of solvent printers with Seiko printheads, UV flatbeds with RICOH Gen 5 and Gen 6 printheads, UV roll-to-roll with EPSON i3200 printheads, Mehta has now joined hands withKyocera as a strategic partner for UV flatbed printers and roll-to-roll printers. The company has intrduced its UV flatbed printer with Kyocera’s most popular printhead KJ4A-0300 in different sizes, viz. 2500×1300mm, 3200×2000 mm stand-alone and roll-to-roll attachment.

The RK 2513 UV flatbed printer with Kyocera printheads with a printingwidth of 2.5 m and RK 3220 with a printing width of 3.2 m enablehigh speed and high resolution printing. As Kyocera’s KJ4A-0300 printhead comes with a drop volume of 4 pL and a fire frequency of 30kHz, this printhead is capable of delivering print in 300 dpi resolution per colour suitable for multi-pass printing. The printhead’s width of 112 mm gives a wider printing coverage that makes printing way faster.

The UV flatbed printer comes with maximum of 6 Kyocera printheadsin2 groups, i.e., 3 printheads in each group. In each group, two printheads are for CMYK and one for white.With multiple pass printing, both RK 2513 and RK 3220can achieve 640 sqft/hr with four Kyocera printheads in 2 groups.Shailesh Mehta infroms that they have introduced the printers at very competitive rates.

Mehta Cad Cam always believes in customer satisfaction and offers the best quality, innovative products to its customers to keep them up with the growing demands in the market. The company boasts five state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with an R&D department and headquarter in Ahmedabad. With its 22 branch offices with more than 900 employees in major Indian cities, Mehta reflects their strongcommitment towards sales and service support. And their established international distribution network in more than 15 countries is growing rapidly, signifying the company’s strong presence not only in India but at global level. For more information, visit:, or connect with product experts at +91-92279 85724 fordomestic queries and +91-70435 05091 for international queries.