Dandi Kutir Museum contemplates Gandhian principles through physical & virtual exhibits


 Client : Dandi Kutir Museum, Govt of Gujarat and SPCL
Location : Gandhinagar
Work : Museum and exhibit designs
Design firm : Lemon Design

Dandi Kutir aims at being a state-of-the-art tribute to MK Gandhi, the Father of Nation. Gandhiji’s vision and legacy is at the core of the Dandi Kutir Museum — a unique architectural and experiential edifice providing visitors a forward-looking space to contemplate Gandhian principles while reflecting on their singular & collective futures.

Key challenges

The museum being based on a towering personality, and one of the most recognised leaders of the world history—MK Gandhi—an authentic, unbiased yet unique portrayal of him was extremely critical. It was also imperative that the extensive use of technologies shouldn’t overpower the content, the limited availability of authentic data, and the narrow timeline in which the project was to be completed were key challenges.

Innovative exhibits & immersive multimedia

The museum aims at initiating the visitor on a journey that inspires oneself to seek personal answers and to master oneself through a narrative that shifts between Gandhi’s self-exploration, self-critique and his public life of struggle, closely linking his individual thoughts to universal values. Gandhi’s timeless ‘Experiments with Truth’ are shown through a prism of his life’s events in a rich, multilayered experience using innovative exhibits and immersive multimedia, visitors are transported to his world to observe, interact and reflect on the relevance of his principles today.

From physical to virtual exhibits

A seamless journey through the use of physical, virtual and technological techniques of storytelling was introduced, where the visitor would move from a tactile, physical exhibit to a virtual one, set in an interpretive and sometimes realistic environment with complete ease. As the museum caters to all kinds of visitors, the communication was simplified by the use of AV media and technology, and they are guided through the whole museum narrative with the use of multilingual audio-guides.

Lemon Design

Lemon Design is an award-winning Strategic Branding and Integrated Design Consultancy based in Pune, India. The company uses‘design thinking’ and ‘user-centric’ design to create a meaningful difference for brands, spaces, interfaces, packaging and products.Founded in 2000, Lemon Design explores across diverse geographies, disciplines, industry and consumer archetypes with more than 200+ clients globally across geographies, private & public companies.