Summa launches Gen-2 laser cutter at FESPA Berlin 2022


Summa has launched a second generation laser cutter at FESPA Berlin 2022 with the Belgium-made L1810 cutter. The newly launched L1810 includes new features to increase productivity and accuracy. These include three cameras to check registration on the fly and a new control software system, Go Produce Laser Edition. This is the Generation 2 machine. The company has a few of these machines in the market but they are the generation 1 and now we have a generation 2. Summa acquired a company in the UK that worked very closely with Cad Cam Technologies. They were focused on laser cutting but they used all the Summa control systems to make their machines and they would make laser cutters. Summa acquired that UK company and together they brought out the first laser cutter for textile but it was all still made in the UK. The new features on the Summa L1810 in clued its whole new set of control software. Fabric can stretch in production so it is important to register where the graphic is on the textile but if it is being stretched we also don’t want to cut it stretched because then it won’t fit in the frame so we first of all understand where it is and then reference the original shape so we reference the correct shape.