PixelJet Genix and miniRTR unleash new revenue streams with affordable UV printing

Shedding light on the increasing prospects and possibilities of innovative UV printing, Monotech Systems moves a step forward with the introduction of new versions of its PixelJet Series, allowing print service providers (PSPs) to explore new markets and gain new revenue streams. Unlike conventional UV systems, PixelJet UV Series are affordable and designed to produce whole gamut of applications.


The advance version of PixelJet miniRTR is capable of printing high-quality indoor and outdoor graphics along with various interior décor applications. The printer is an upgraded version of the company’s existing model. It is equipped with the RICOH industrial grade printheads, the most popular printhead when it comes to UV printing technology.

Affordable, effective and powerful, Pixeljet miniRTR is an ideal machine for those looking for high-quality prints, using a broad range of materials to produce variety of signage and decor applications. It allows PSPs to expand their reach to new markets and explore new revenue opportunities.

Unique features of PixelJet miniRTR include its thin-film piezoelectric technology (MEMS), industrial luxury design, industrial-grade circuit design and strong nozzle compatibility. With its self-developed lifting maintenance station, it is easy to draw ink and easy to maintain. Perfect scientific three-stage ink filter design of the printer protects the printheads more effectively.

PixelJet miniRTR has extra benefits over other RTR printers in its class. The printer is ‘greener’ and more ‘cleaner’ in printing with UV technology, with low cost and faster production times for a wide range of applications. Embracing colour+white+colour simultaneous printing programme, PixelJet miniRTR is leading the future of the UV printing market. Gateway to UV flatbed printing

Just arrived, PixelJet Genix is an entry-level UV flatbed printer for product customization, suitably designed for small UV printing business enterprises. It can print effortlessly on mobile covers, mementoes, trophies, photo albums and gift & novelty items, etc.

A compete combo of ‘power and performance’ at entry level price, PixelJet Genix is equipped with the powerful RICOH industrial grade printheads, which are advance and capable to continuously print at ultra-high quality to deliver excellent cost performance. Its high performance industrial servo motor provides excellent control of the movement of the shuttle.

Pixeljet Genix features separate negative pressure system for white and colour ink supply with digital control greater pressure display gauges to increase printing speed and stability. Its vacuum bed holds media steady to ensure stable printing as it can be turned ON/OFF easily from the control panel by a button. Mechanical alignment point of the machine allows accurate and consistent media placement. PixelJet Genix is ideal for corporate gifting, POP/POS, mobile covers, photo albums and such applications.

Monotech Systems always has a focused approach towards continuous technological advancements, strong research and development, in which PixelJet Series are unique, one-of-its-kind, Made in India and loved by the world.