Survive lockdowns rather than feeling helpless


Rise in COVID cases as third wave is yet another threat to the market. However, we shoukd learn to live with the lockdowns in a way that business must go on. This is time to find out new ways to connect with your customers and offer them the real value. Some of the ideal ways is to organise open houses with limited invitees allowable under the COVID protocols and other customer meets either physically in small scale or vitually.That is how we can make buinsess alive and kicking even in the worst pandemic situation.

Open housesare vital marketing tool durind the lockdowns. Organise limited-seat open houses that could be just what you need to gain the attention of eager buyers. Having access to potential customers will help your connectivity active. The primary motive of such small scale events is that your reach extends to your cursomers, irrespective of the market situation. In such market scenario, it’s important for you to make your products and services as visible and accessible as possible.

Another usual way to connect with your customers during the lockdowns is the social media. Choose the right social media platform and build a connect with your prospects as well as existing customers regarding the inovations revolving around the latest products, new machines and services you offer. Such connection can deliver value and boost relationships. Increase the social media presence of your website and respond to comments quickly and try to converse with your audience, if possible.

Online video interactions and conferences with your customers extend support to your customers at the time of ongoing uncertainty. Now that your sales might have declined a bit during the third wave, make sure you are still offering something valuable to your customers, which can make run business in the unprecedented COVID times.Through insightful and informative message to your customers, you will not just increase your online presence but also offer the real value to them.

In this issue, we have Hyderabad and Chennai under the Region Exclusive column. When our travelling team contacted some of the leading PSPs inn the two south Indian cities, they are found to be fully geared up to take innovations in UV printing to another level. Either entry-level or advanced machine, most of them boast of UV printers in their production facilities. They are set to revolutionise the prospects and possibilities of UV in the region’s graphic arts market.

Avoid setbacks, plan for the situation as it’s time to analyse all possible outcomes and scenario so that we can take necessary steps to sail through the pandemic market. Show your customers you are open for business by organising meets and other events during the lockdowns. Let’s keep going!

Sonal Khurana