Benson Polymers develops world-class adhesive grades for new-age signages

The signage industry has upgraded itself and developed new products, but the adhesives used in these upgraded products are still the same or local alternatives which do not offer the desired durability or finishing to the new-age signage. Taking an initiative and studying the details of all new applications Benson Polymers has developed world-class adhesive grades which help in resolving the basic working issues that are being faced by the signage makers today.


If we talk about the signage industry today, it has evolved multifold developments from what it was around 5-6 years back. Earlier flex signboards used to be the most common and widely used medium of outdoor advertising. But things have changed now with consumers now switching to other more attractive and effective mediums like 3D signboards, acrylic displays, ACP boards, crystal signs, neon signs, among others.

While making flex signboard, the most common adhesive that is being used at large is cyanoacrylate instant glue. But low viscosity instant glue is not sufficient or effective while making new-age signage and thus one requires special adhesives in such applications for maximum productivity and best quality. In this respect, Benson Polymers observed that the signage industry has upgraded itself and developed new products, but the adhesives used in these upgraded products are still the same or local alternatives which do not offer the desired durability or finishing to the new-age signage.

For example, while making an acrylic signboard the most common problem that people face is white marks that emerge after using locally available bond which is used in making flex signboards. Besides, people use epoxy putty or silicone to fill gaps while making acrylic-metal signboards which do not offer durability as this putty is not weatherproof.

Thus, Benson Polymers took initiative and after studying in detail the new applications, the company has developed world-class adhesive grades which help in resolving the basic working issues that are being faced by the sign makers.

Different grades

Benson Polymers now offers a range of adhesives that cater to the very specific requirements of different applications in making several types of advertising boards like acrylic grade or non-blooming grade for acrylic signboards, a double component kit containing high viscosity CA glue, and a spray activator for making metal fonts, ACP boards, female raising, a double component kit containing low viscosity CA glue and spray activator for making acrylic fonts, crystal signage, neon signage, etc. Flex grade for making traditional flex boards.

Solving common problems

Acrylic signs are rapidly gaining popularity due to their durability and attractive visibility. However, due to non-availability or non-awareness of proper adhesives, people tend to use locally available bonds. The problem with local bonds is that they leave behind white marks on the acrylic sheets which look very untidy and diminish the very purpose of using acrylic signage. Thus, Benson Polymers offers a special ‘Bloom Free’ acrylic grade that does not leave any marks behind while making the acrylic signage. Besides, the company also offers a spray activator in a combo pack along with the acrylic grade which when used together enhances the glue curing speed significantly and ensures that there are no white marks left on the surface.

Human safety

There are many applications like making female raisings, pasting acrylic cut-outs, etc. while making acrylic displays in which people use chloroform like chemicals for instant work. The fact is that these are just solvents and not adhesives, thus can never provide durable adhesion and articles which are pasted using these solvents lose their surface easily in due course of time. Besides, these are also harmful to health.

Benson Polymers offers special acrylic and high viscosity grades in such applications as these are proper adhesives with features like a durable bond, instant pasting, cavity formation, etc. which enhance the life of signboard multi-fold.

Maintaining consistent glow in 3D letters

3D letters are new fashion these days. But when the letters don’t glow,it aesthetically devalues the purpose of glow sign board. For illuminating 3D letters or fonts, self-gumming LED tapes are most used. The problem with thesestrips is that they tend to lose surface after they get heated up on constant use. It’s common to seen in many signboards 1 or 2 fonts are not visible at night as the LED strip gets collected at the bottom due to which the complete signboard looks very unattractive. To resolve this issue, Benson Polymers offers high viscosity instant gel glue which when used to paste the LED strips gives unmatched strength as being thick inconsistency it helps in offering cavity to the substrate thereby offering durability.

Another issue with 3D letters is the problem of water seepage into the channels during rainy season. This is a big problem that is being faced by most of the users which result in damage of the font and thereby damaging the fascia of installation. The letters are generally made up of acrylic and metal where the female raising is made up of metal and base is of acrylic or vice-versa. In both, the scenario of raising/boundary is pasted by using silicone. Now, the problem with silicone is that it is not weather resistant; it loses its surface in extreme weather conditions thereby resulting in the development of gaps in the letters that ultimately makes seepage of rainwater in the letter. Moreover, while using silicone there are a lot of marks left on the surface which consumes time and labour for clean-up and finishing work.

Now, Benson Polymers offers high viscosity instant gel glue which is a single component transparent glue that helps in proper gap filling and in forming a strong cavity thereby giving strength to the joint and ensuring that there is no water seepage in the 3D letters. This adhesive is heat and water-resistant, thus ensuring durability of the letters. While making big metal 3D letters, one can use Benson Polymers’ double component kit of high viscosity CA glue along with a spray activator as it enables the user to get super instant curing of thick glue and helps the user in finishing the work in minutes which otherwise would have taken hours if he would have used epoxy or silicone.

What is the spray activator?

Polyfix Spray Activator from Benson Polymers works as an accelerator for the curing of high viscosity CA adhesives. It is known for drastically reducing the drying time of such adhesives. It also has non-blooming properties which help in avoiding any white or yellow marks/stains that generally appear after the use of CA glues.

Why torn flex boards on highways?

On highways, it’s quite common to find many high-rise billboards with torn flex. What could be the reason for the same and how can we avoid that? There is a large variety of poor-quality instant adhesives available in the market similarly there is a vast variety of flex available whose quality varies a lot. Now, a poor-quality flex that is generally very thin can be pasted by using a local substandard quality bond. But in high-rise billboards on highways, one cannot use degraded quality flex. It would neither be able to sustain high wind pressure nor extreme weather conditions. In such case, only high-quality flex can be used and high-quality adhesives like Polyfix flex grade is required to paste it.

Due to the quality that Benson Polymers offers in their adhesive range; flex manufacturing companies recommend Polyfix bond for pasting their flex on frames.