TOSHIBA TEC to co-exhibit with Angel India Cad Cam at Media Expo 2021 New Delhi

Showcasing strength of CE4NW, CA4NWC & CF Series inkjet printheads and others

TOSHIBA TEC in partnership with TOSHIBA Gulf FZE (TGFZ) has forayed into the Indian digital large-format printing market, cordially collaborating with some of the leading OEMs in the country. The company along with Angel India Cad Cam will co-exhibit a handful of innovative products and technologies at Media Expo 2021 New Delhi.


In the wake of the two years of slowdown in the market due to the unprecedented impact of extensive pandemic lockdowns, Messe Frankfurt India finally brings the in-person New Delhi edition of Media Expo, now scheduled to be held from November 18–20, 2021 at India Expo Mart, Greater Noida, Delhi-NCR.TOSHIBA TEC is using this platform to showcase the competency and strength of its popular CE4NW, CA4NWC, CF Series inkjet printheads, CC1 ink circulation system and some Angel India Cad Cam machines equipped with the TOSHIBA TEC printheads.

Angel India machine

The new machine from Angel India Cad Cam, which is equipped with TOSHIBA TEC CE4NW pinthead and showcasing as a key product at Media Expo 2021 New Delhi, is the 2513-UV Classic Model known for its ultra wide, high precision and high speed. The UV printer is designed to run at the speed of 12 sq m/hr (6PSS) and 9 sq m/hr (8PSS) with customisable maximum print height of 100mm. It supports a variety of colour and combinations (CMYK + W+V; CMYK +LCLM +W+V) and capable to deliver graphic output of 2500x1300mm.

Strategic alliances

During the three-day expo, TOSHIBA TEC has also to showcase its strategic alliance with the reputed electronic manufacturer KNFUN Technology which provides all electronics related to TOSHIBA TEC inkjet printheads. The printheads are now gaining mass popularity and recognition among other leading OEMs in India like Mehta Cad Cam Systems, Monotech Systems, Britomatics, PAL Associates and Siare Technologies.

“At Media Expo 2021 New Delhi, we will be showcasing the TOSHIBA range of printhead technology which has perfect precision and reliability as well as our recently developed relationship with new partners in India. We look forward to working with our India partners closer than ever for our further expansion in the country’s vibrant wide-format printing market,” says Santosh Varghese, Vice President, TOSHIBA Gulf FZE.

Key highlight

When it comes to key highlight of TOSHIBA TEC at Media Expo 2021 New Delhi, the company will shed the spotlight on the line of flagship inkjet printheads viz. CE4NW, CA4NWC and CF Series printheads and CC1 Ink Circulation System. Internationally, CE4NW is one of the widely acclaimed printheads used by a number of leading OEMs. With 16 level grayscale print mode for production of 53.7mm print width, this 636 nozzles printhead is designed to print graphics in 300 dpi resolution.

CE4NW has droplet size of 6-90pL and capable to run in frequencies of 28.0kHz@1drop, 6.2kHz@7drops. Another added advantage of the printhead is its high jetting velocity. The printhead’s angle of jetting dropletis less than 1mrad, which is as equivalent as hitting 10cm diameter target from 50m away.

Ink adaptability

TOSHIBA TEC printheads boast of versatile ink adaptability. For example, CE4NW is compatible with a gamut of oil and UV curable inks. “We have collaborated with a number of world’s leading ink manufacturers who are impressed and satisfied with the compatibility and versatility of our printheads,” mentions Mohamed Zeeshan Ali, Manager–Technical Services, TOSHIBA Gulf FZE. He adds that they help manufacturers in evaluation of their own brands of inks.

Close collaboration

So far, TOSHIBA TEC has partnered with a number of world’s leading OEMs that manufacture widely acclaimed brands of digital wide-format printers. Likewise, in India, the company has joined hands with the country’s top-notch machine manufacturers. “Our partners in India equip TOSHIBA TEC printheads in their machines and some of them serve as resellers of our products,” informs Santosh Varghese, Vice President, TOSHIBA Gulf FZE.

With perfect precision and accuracy, TOSHIBA TEC has engineered the CE4NW, CA4NWC and CF1B printheads for diverse applications which are unconventional, such as graphics on ceramic, tiles and other rigid materials, creating new value for sign-makers and print service providers who wish to meet the needs of their customers demanding for out-of-the-box innovations that work in the post-pandemic market.