HP launches four new Latex printers, updates Print & Cut systems, expands PageWide portfolio

HP introduces new Latex large-format print solutions to help print service providers (PSPs) diversify their offerings and meet more challenging needs of customers. After a year of business disruption across the large-format industry, the new HP Latex 700 and 800 Series bring a suite of features that enable PSPs to be more agile, tackle ambitious projects and take on the highest value work.


The new HP Latex portfolio delivers fast workflows that help businesses hit deadlines, while sharpening their sustainability edge. “When you think about HP Latex, imagine the unique ability to say yes to every customer’s request, regardless of fast-changing schedule or application demands. Help meet deadlines with undisputable operator and environmental safety, as, with HP Latex, every signage and decor decision becomes a sustainable one,” said Guayente Sanmartin, General Manager, Large Format Business, HP.

She continues that the new Latex 700 and 800 Series portfolio will allow PSPs to win big by navigating customer challenges in the next normal and embracing more ambitious projects – safe in the knowledge their work will deliver.

Two devices in India

The new HP Latex range in India consists of two devices – HP Latex 700W and 800, which offer white ink capability for the first time in this category. It is the whitest ‘white ink’ available on the market that does not yellow over time, enabling print businesses to produce neater outlines and add more contrast to darker supports.

Vitesh Sharma, Country Manager, Large-Format Production Business, HP India, mentioned that the new HP Latex 700W and 800 Series portfolio will offer professional colour quality, with a purpose to address every customer’s request, regardless of fast-changing schedule or application demands. “The new Latex systems will also be able to bring significant improvements in productivity and efficiency by up to 50 percent to meet organisational goals of PSPs,” he adds.

Higher productivity

Updated printheads in HP Latex 700W and 800 possess more nozzles and deliver speeds of up to 36 sq m/hr (388 sq ft/hr) allow the HP Latex 800 to offer 50 percent higher productivity compared to previous HP models. Print jobs executed on the new HP Latex series will deliver with vivid colours and finer image, text details, even at faster print speeds. Operationally, HP PrintOS also enables PSPs to monitor and control their print fleet using a cloud-based interface they can use virtually anywhere, anytime.

Sustainable printing

A recent research conducted by HP reveals that 85 percent of a PSP’s customers now demand sustainable products and practices. To meet this requirement, the new Latex products continue to build on HP’s long-lasting commitment to sustainable printing. All devices in the HP Latex 700 and 800 series use the HP Eco Carton – a cartridge made with cardboard material, reducing the amount of plastic used by 80 percent. HP’s water-based inks are also kinder to the environment.

New Print & Cut Plus portfolio

In addition, HP has also introduced an updated Latex Print & Cut portfolio that is fully compatible with the Latex 700 and 800 Series. Equipped with the latest Raster Image Processor (RIP) software and completely new contour cutters, the devices allow for improved usability—making jobs easier and more intuitive than ever for signage and decorative printed applications.

The HP Latex Print & Cut Plus portfolio includes: HP Latex 335 Print & Cut Plus Solution; HP Latex 315 Print and Cut Plus Solution; HP Latex 64 Plus Cutting Solution; HP Latex 54 Plus Cutting Solution; and HP Latex 54 Basic Plus Cutting Solution.

Updated features in the portfolio include optimised cutting accuracy through the enhanced Optical Position System (OPOS) configurations. As part of this improvement, the HP cutter reads the black inner lines along the job and carries out additional measurements, further aided by new HP barcodes located on the printed sheets to identify jobs. Cutting on the new Latex 64 and 54 Plus Cutting Solutions is enhanced by a higher cutter down force of up to 600gr.This provides the necessary pressure to deliver accurate cutting performance even on thicker media.

The user experience on the coloured touch screen interface is highly responsive and includes an improved menu, making the entire solution simple to work with. The media basket also features a refined design and now has a smaller footprint when folded, enabling businesses to make better use of space.

Revamped HP PageWide XL line

Completing the announcements from HP are the new additions to the HP PageWide XL suite of large- format print solutions. Aimed at enterprise and mid-market companies, as well as print repro houses serving the architecture, engineering and construction industries, the new HP PageWide XL devices provide fast, simple, and secure solutions. The new range includes: PageWide XL 3920 MFP; PageWide XL 4200; PageWide XL 5200; and PageWide XL 8200 Printer.

The new HP PageWide XL printers deliver on the productivity needs of users while offering an improved experience. With the 4200 and 5200 models boasting a larger front panel – increased to 15.6 inches (from 8 inches) – it is easier for users to preview real time scans and undertake more complex printing tasks. Additionally, for the first time, users can carry out post-editing tasks, including crop, contrast, brightness and rotation directly from the panel.

For IT managers and CAD designers at enterprise and mid-market businesses, security is a major priority. The new PageWide XL solutions respond to this with new features to protect businesses in an increasingly connected world, including HP SecureBoot, Whitelisting and HP Connection Inspector – making the new PageWide XL range one of the most secure large format printers.