Signage solutions that sprinkle young look around Antara Senior Living residential complex

Located in a serene corner of Dehradun, overlooking meadows and blue mountain range in the foothill of the Himalaya, Antara Senior Living is an abode of happiness. This sprawling high-end residential complex for senior citizens invigorates its surroundings into younger look after implementation of sign design & way-finding solutions by New Delhi-based design firm VersionAbsolute Design Studio (VADS).


Appropriate solutions

VADS was engaged to explore and design a way-finding programme that was suited to the very specific needs of senior living. The strategy of the design firm was informed by its research into the various conditions of age that need specific design interventions.

Exterior signs

Designed and implemented in a new and freshen up designs, exterior way-finding signs made of HPL, cast concrete, powder-coated aluminium around the Antara Senior Living residential complex adorned the surroundings in a classic modern way. All text and information screens are printed or as punched through acrylic letters internally LED illuminated.

Interior signs

When it comes to entering inside the residential building, what it would impress with interior signs are those display structures made of solid teakwood, corian and powder-coated aluminium. All text laser-etched onto wood surface, screen printed onto corian and aluminium surface stand out uniquely.

VersionAbsolute Design Studio (VADS)

Engaging in the process of conceptualisation, strategising, design and development of solutions for a given environment, New Delhi-based VersionAbsolute Design Studio (VADS) is one of the premier design consultancy firms in the country. VADS believes in adhering to the evolutionary and exciting, encompassing a range of design activities comprising architecture, interior designs, communication designs in the built environments. The ream VADS always intends to provide cohesive and comprehensive design solutions in terms of architecture/retail interior designs, graphic designs, often combining both the disciplines to value add to the required products. For further detail about VADS and their works, visit: