OH! Design Studio weaves branding and inspiration in Dura Roof office space

When steel trading company Dura Roof relocated its office premises in Guwahati, Mumbai-based branding agency OH! Design Studio was tasked to cohesively integrate the brand with the interior environment throughout the workplace.


Client: Dura Roof Pvt Ltd
Location: Guwahati, Assam
Works: Office branding, Environmental graphics, Illustrations, Space design and installation

Client summary

A legacy that spans several decades in the steel trading, Dura Roof and Dura Ultima having their hub in Assam are now inching up their efforts and setting up their footprint into the roofing and shutter industry in India.

The design canvas

With the client relocating its office premises to a new building in Guwahati, OH! Design Studio was commissioned to maximise the brand expression in the physical space. Their objective was to leverage the space to influence the way their employees and visitors experience the brand.

The team at OH! Design Studio was tasked to cohesively integrate the brand with the interior environment throughout the workplace.

Making the first impression

The antechamber sets the tone for the corporate office, where OH! Design Studio crafted and installed an illustration depicting a city which is protected and secured with roofs and shutters in the brand colours of Dura Roof and Dura Ultima. This holds deep meaning for the company, reflecting their vision to keep the living space of their customers safe and secure.

Bringing the brand to life

The design team at OH! Design Studio had the directive to add brand character and personality to the office space. The objective was to serve as a reminder to the internal audience and as an introduction to the visitors about what the company does and what they stand for.

The team worked out the following design objectives:

  • Demonstrate brand cohesiveness.
  • Reflect core values.
  • Strengthen the business connect with employees and visitors.

Visually, a clear framework of messaging, graphics and brand expression were used throughout the space.

The three ruling colours of red, green and blue that from the brand identity of Dura Roof and Dura Ultima were in a subtle way spread individually across the three floors of the office space in form of signage & partitions, forming the base colour theme for each of the decks.

The core values like trust & quality were integrated with the interior’s in the form of fittings, quotes and messages on the pillars. However, a wooden installation of the letters ‘TRUST’ etched with the company’s philosophy at the entryway leading to the senior management’s floor remains a distinct feature of the workspace.

The design team further decided to highlight the company’s DNA in the conference room, using wooden letter cut-outs of the word ‘DNA’ in the three primary brand colours carefully etched onto the acrylic sheet.

They also created an installation of customer testimonials for the visitors’ meeting room carefully using the brand colours. This is also referred to as the ‘Wall of Stories’ by the owners of the Dura Roof and Dura Ultima.

Another marked feature of the interiors is a frame having images of the shop floor team in action as a constant reminder to the marketing about the effort that goes into making the perfect product and also helping the front office connect to the backend.

Motivating the internal audience

Customised graphic illustrations were designed for every room of the senior management team in office, reflecting the personality of the occupant in terms of their idols and inspirations.

We also used installations of motivating quotes spread across the office floor to boost the morale of the team to deliver their best on a daily basis.


The creative team at OH! Design Studio chose unconventional room names for cabins, and work areas like ‘Grow’ for finance, ‘Talent’ for HR, ‘Execute’ for CEO, etc.

Also the team used free flowing linear patterns on UV films spread across all the floors to lend a sense of harmony to the work culture of Dura Roof and Dura Ultima.

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