Leaf Design elevates passenger experience at Mumbai airport through effective way-finding solutions

Leaf Design enhances the passenger experience at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International and Domestic Airport in Mumbai. The design firm combines selected colours with utilitarian greys with vibrant blues to bring new guise of way-finding solutions around the environment and architecture of the airport.


Client: GVK
Location: Chhatrapati Shivaji International and Domestic Airport, Mumbai
Works: Way-finding solutions

Client summary

Built by the GVK-led consortium, Chhatrapati Shivaji International and Domestic Airport in Mumbai is one of India’s busiest airports. The massive terminals spanning over 200,000 sq ft and 900,000 sq ft areas respectively mean that millions of passengers every day need to be guided clearly and simply. The purpose of Leaf Design’s way-finding solutions is to be simple and effective, but forge a connection at every touch point.

Main challenge

The main challenge in the project was to make the public environment navigable with ease and trust for travellers, mainly while being cost-effective as well as to enhance the passenger experience several times over.

Key approach

The approach was to create a traditional signage system that cuts the clutter with its strength and thoughtfully arranged information categorisation.

Strategising a universally efficient way-finding system

Drawing upon typical traveller behaviour and the unique environment and architecture of the airport, selected colours were combined with utilitarian greys with vibrant blues. The space and background, amount of natural light let in the building, readability, in which legibility and visibility played a key role.

Sleek looks at affordable costs

The material and fabrication specifications were cost effective, while lending a sleek look all through. It helped the project to the fine line of efficacy and expenditure.

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Source: http://www.leafdesign.in/gvk