Leaf Design creates a healing environment for Wockhardt Hospital

Wockhardt Hospitals are a tertiary care and super specialty healthcare network in India offering healthcare services. Owned by the parent company Wockhardt Ltd, the country’s 5th largest pharmaceutical and healthcare chain is present in 20 countries across the globe. Mumbai branch of the hospital gets branded into a new look in which design firm Leaf Design creates a healing environment for visitors.


Client: Wockhardt Hospital 
Location: Mumbai 
Works: Brand Environment Strategy, Internal Culture & Narratives and Way-finding System

Client Summary

Wockhardt Hospitals, originally called First Hospitals and Heart Institute, were one of the early movers among corporate health-care chains in India. The company was established in 1989 and it started its first operation with a medical center in Kolkata, and a heart hospital in Bangalore two years later. Today the company has its presence across India with a multi specialty hospital network.

Four decade tradition

Wockhardt Hospital’s existence is the result of a 40-year tradition of caring and innovation nurtured by its parent company Wockhardt Ltd. As Wockhardt is poised to become the most advanced and progressive healthcare institution in India, a branded environment goes a long way in propelling it into tomorrow. Leaf Design got geared up for the branding project.

Absolute challenges

For the Leaf Design team, a big challenge was to create an environment that fosters a mind state of complete relaxation, far from anxiety and sufferings – after all, good health is a state of mind. The way-finding signs from one ward to another across the interior of the hospital are accompanied by hues that depict beauty of nature giving peace of mind. In between, spaces on the wall on isles sport slogans reading “Laughter is the Sun That Drives Winter from The Human Face, The Power of Imagination Makes Us Infinite’ and son on.

Right approach

The right approach was all about tapping into the world of art and expression to build an environment filled with beauty and pleasure which focus on admiration, allowing a few moments of complete relaxation and calmness. Graphic art elements, designs, colour schemes and use of high-class printing materials collectively resulted in a perfection in creating a healing environment around Wockhardt Hospital in Mumbai.

Leaf Design

Leaf Design is about changing the way people feel, talk and live. Founded in 2002, this Mumbai-based design firm responds to a change, using design, main philosophy of the creative team at they constantly try to re-imagine the convergence of technology and design that can bring new ideas to life. By staying focused on their core competencies in strategic thinking, holistic branding and user-centred design, Leaf Design helps brands identify opportunities, differentiate presence and foster business. The team Leaf Design is headed by Sumit Patel, Co-founder & Director; Sandeep Ozarde, Co-founder & Director; and Mahendra Patel, Chief Mentor. The team ignites meaningful exchange of ideas for positive change in every single project they handle and work in an environment connecting the professionals in different ways through conversations, behaviours and interactions. To know more about Leaf Design and their works, log on to: www.leafdesign.in