JX Enterprise: A master distributor of Gongzheng printers in India

JX Enterprise makes sure that their clients get the right products to fit into the changing market scenarios. The company is a master distributor of all Gongzheng models supplied through a pan-India network. Here’s a sneak peek into the company’s service and product portfolio.


Since its inception in the year 1995, Chennai-headquartered JX Enterprise has been on the growth path they paved through constant supports they get from their customers. Every single customer of JX Enterprise is happy with Gongzheng product and the company’s dedicated after-sales support. The company never fails to keep in touch with their customers, who are based either in metros or far-flung towns of India, when it comes to helping them find the right machines for the right applications.

JX Enterprise boasts a largest portfolio of Gongzheng machines available in India. The portfolio consists of diverse models available under the categories of Solvent, Eco-solvent, UV and DTG (direct-to-garment) technologies. Gongzheng digital wide-format printers are popular in the Indian signage and graphic arts market because of the value and quality of the machines and uninterrupted after-sales service back up, in which JX Enterprise plays a vital role.

Gongzheng Solvent printers currently available in the product portfolio of JX Enterprise are Gongzheng GZC3202SG, C3202SG PLUS, GZM3202SG, and GZH3206SG, which are equipped with Dimatix Starfire 1024 printheads (10 pl/25 pl). On the other side, the Eco-solvent range comprises Thunderjet AC1602S, Thunderjet AC1803S, Thunderjet AQ1804S, and Thunderjet AQ3204S. These Eco-solvent systems feature EPSON I3200E1 printheads which have almost doubled NPI and higher firing frequency than EPSON DX 5 printheads.

Gongzheng UV printers in the machine portfolio of JX Enterprise are of three categories—RTR (roll-to-roll), flatbed and hybrid. The 10 feet Gongzheng GZM3200KM model is equipped with KM 1024I high-speed printheads and dual water cooling LED UV lamps and Thunderjet AC1802 UV with EPSON I3200U1 printheads. Under the UV flatbed category, JX Enterprise offers H0906TX, H1612GI, T2513GN and H3220GN—perfectly engineered for producing customised graphics on various substrates. Designed for printing either on flexible or rigid substrates from a single device, Gongzheng GZF3208D and GZF2008D are hybrid belt-converting UV printers.

Gongzheng DTG (direct-to-garment) printer GTMAX, available as P1, U2 and P09-Q models, in the portfolio of JX Enterprise are designed as double-platform supports for printing on two garments at the same time. This dual-garment printing station is 20 percent faster than the single station. Printheads in these industrial level printing systems ensure 3 years plus printhead life.

All the Gongzheng machines in the current portfolio of JX Enterprise suffice international standards and quality control procedures. To maintain it, the company conducts periodic training for the dedicated service teams available through its well-connected network of branch offices based in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Cochin, New Delhi, Ahmedabad and Mumbai.

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