Rahul Digital Printers

invests in HandTop 3200 RTR printer for enhanced colour vibrancy in graphic prints

Supplied by JN Arora Group, an authorised channel partner of Shenzhen HandTop Tech Co in India, the HandTop 3200 RTR UV printer installed at the new production facility of New Delhi-based Rahul Digital Printers is a high-speed, high precision roll-to-roll UV printer which the company has chosen for vibrant graphic print production. The printer features Kyocera grey-scale piezoelectric printheads.

Rahul Bahety
Rahul Bahety

Rahul Digital Printers was incepted in the year 2000 in a one-printer setup in Delhi. “It was just a Roland print & cut printer we used to run for all purposes in our tiny production facility in Delhi,” remembers Rahul Bahety of Rahul Digital Printers. After a brief period of two years, the company moved to a bigger production facility equipped with a line of brand new printers.

The line of printers at the new production facility of Rahul Digital Printers consists of 2 HP Designjet 6800 printers, HP Latex 360, EPSON SureColor 50670 and a string of finishingequipments. Now the portfolio has recently been upgraded to a next level, following the adoption of a HandTop 3200 RTR UV printer from JN Arora Group, which is one of the oldest groups of companies in the business of supplying printing consumables and an authorised distributor of HandTop printers in India.

The newly adopted HandTop 3200 RTR UV printer has been installed at the bigger production facility of Rahul Digital Printers at Okhla Industrial Area. “We are completely shifting to our new Okhla facility, which is far more spacious than our current setup,” informs Rahul, adding that the full operation of their Okhla facility will commence from July this year.

Equipped with Kyocera grey-scale piezoelectric printheads, HandTop 3200 RTR is a hi-speed and hi-precision UV hybrid printer specially designed to meet diverse applications.The printer can print in high speed churning graphics in 1200×1200 dpi. “Colour vibrancy, feeding, high speed and other advanced features of this HandTop model impressed us in the first place,” mentions Rahul. He adds that the Caldera RIP software bundled with the printer is an added advantage. Furthermore, an automatic sewing machine for silicon edge graphic finishing has also been installed.

Rahul Bahety with HandTop 3200 RTR UV printer
Rahul Bahety with HandTop 3200 RTR UV printer

Unlike the normal print mode that consumes more ink when printing, HandTop 3200 RTR uses multi-drop pixel technology to reduce amount of ink consumption. The printer is compatible with low, medium and premium categories of eco-friendly non-VOC UV curing inks. “UV curing inks can directly print on varied materials. Such advanced features of this machine empower us to fulfil the sheer requirement of our customers who demand vibrant high-endprints,” mentions Rahul.

“Majority of our clients are from the retail sector; for them, we keep handling in-store projects of any size and dimension,” says Rahul, adding “We choose HandTop 3200 RTR printer with an aim to produce high textured in-store backlit fabric graphics. Fabric and translite are two main materials we normally use in most of our in-store projects.”

Rahul Digital Printers is known for an all-time eco-friendly approach in their overall activities as well as machines and technologies they adopt. In this respect, Rahul says they have been working on a principle of using only eco-friendly materials and technologies right from the day one of their inception. We never installed any solvent printer in our facility at any time keeping in mind our social responsibility towards environment and the impact on health of our employees.

Some of the key customers in the client list of Rahul Digital Printers consist of big brands such as Revlon, BMW and Volvo. The company has so far been involved in execution of a number of landmark in-store branding and fabrication projects for these big corporate biggies. “While ad agencies are responsible for designs, our role in the projects is in creating layout, sizing as well as recommendation of right substrates and materials for printing and installation of prints,” mentions Rahul.

When asked about a project that still cherished in his mind, Rahul points out the Volvo Head Office in Gurugram, which is quite a landmark for the fact that overall designs and displays were quite impactful. Rahul Digital Prints boasts of a strong team of professionals who are collectively strong in terms of experience and ideas they have developed for years. The company is also 3M-Certfied Graphic Manufacturer Programme. For further details of Rahul Digital Printers, contact at: 9810050540 or rdprahul@gmail.com