Pixels 2 Print boasts of quality and competency of HP Latex printers

Pixels 2 Print is a prominent signage company with an advanced production facility housing a portfolio of best-in-class printers and machines for producing dazzling print graphics and designs. In the portfolio are three HP Latex 300 Series printers, which serve as a source of quality and competency in every signage project they handle.

CC Kuttapa, SP Sudarshan and Pawan Sharma, Managing Partners of Pixel 2 Print, alongside an HP Latex 300 Series printer
CC Kuttapa, SP Sudarshan and Pawan Sharma, Managing Partners of Pixel 2 Print, alongside an
HP Latex 300 Series printer

Based out of Bengaluru, Pixels 2 Print is the brainchild of three managing partners, namely, Pawan Sharma, CC Kuttapa and SP Sudarshan. Ever since its inception around 17 years back, the company has been endeavoring in constant adoption of advanced machines and technologies. “In the line of machines currently running in our production facility, we value the three HP Latex 300 Series printers for their competency in delivering finest prints for both indoor and outdoor applications,” mentions Pawan Sharma, adding that the printers are so versatile to produce any sort of highly textured graphics.

Engaging in different printing and production tasks, Pixels 2 Print has been predominantly working for customers in three market domains—real estate, jewellery and management. The mention of a few regular customers of Pixels 2 Print will include CKS Jewelley from the jewelley market and Brigade Group and Salarpuria Sattva from the real estate sector. Apart from the direct customers, the company works for many other projects which ad agencies bring to them. “We offer everything our customers want under one roof. There is nothing that we fail to provide them. Once they are here they don’t need to run to another sign maker,” says Pawan.

Other than the highly versatile three HP Latex printers, the production facility of Pixels 2 Print is equipped with a set of advanced printers including EPSON SureColor, Efi-VUTEk GS3250LXr Pro LED roll-to-roll UV inkjet printer, Zund G3 digital cutter, etc. “We upgrade our production facility from time to time in accordance to the increasing demands for newer applications in different market sectors,” informs Pawan, adding that the retail sector is where they focus more for landmark in-store projects.

Whether it is machine or media, Pixels 2 Print always uses ‘eco-friendly’ products and technologies which most of their customers say should be green-certified. In this respect, Pawan mentions that their line of machines including HP Latex Series as well as Efi-VUTEk printers are all green-certified and meet a range of stringent human health criteria. “For media, we opt only Arvind eco-friendly materials, which are non-PVC and ideal choice for every corporate customer,” he mentions.

“When it comes to talking about the prowess of HP Latex 300 Series in our production facility, these printers are perfectly designed to expand our potential. We enjoy the convenience of using these versatile printers for a range of applications in both indoor and outdoor signage arenas. In fact, we really boast of the quality and competency of HP Latex 300 Series printers,” says Pawan, adding that the printers deliver fast print job and their latex water-based inks are highly eco-friendly and healthier to machine operators.


HP Latex 300 Series printers produce durable and scratch-resistant prints. “These printers are ideal for any sort of in-shop and interior décor prints, as they enable us tremendous creative potential with a broad media choice,” mentions Pawan, No matter they work for an efficient, low-volume solution or production-volume capability, HP Latex 300 Series printers at Pixels 2 Print offer a range of solutions that allow them to transform an interior surrounding into a brand new outlook.