Jayna Packaging accelerates greener & sustainable move with SKYTEK UV hybrid printer

With a powerful focus on eco-efficiency, Jayna Packaging invests in machines that make them elite in sustainable printing and production. Latest addition to their portfolio is a SKYTEK H2200 UV hybrid printer. In a freewheel chat with Sign & Graphics, Haresh Mehta, MD, Jayna Packaging Pvt Ltd, shares how they spearhead in the world of ‘green’ corrugated board applications.


Stunning range of catchy & colourful POP/POS and other retail solutions such as POSM-kiosks, counter top units (CTU), floor standing units (FSU), mall displays, to mention a few, are the products which Mumbai-based Jayna Packaging manufactures using corrugated boards. The company is also an expert in collapsible cardboard furniture—all made of nothing but sustainable corrugated boards.

“We all know that many manufacturers make retail display solutions using non-eco-friendly materials. Keeping this in mind, we finally give a thought to replacing all those hazardous materials with eco-friendly & recyclable corrugated boards,” says Haresh Mehta, adding that this is how Jayna Packaging was born as a packaging and visual merchandising player, redefining corrugated-board applications that combine aesthetics, eco-friendliness and utility in a memorable fashion.

Jayna Packaging boasts a production setup equipped with a line of cutting-edge machines and finishing equipments. The portfolio includes Efi H1625 LED UV hybrid printer, Kongsberg XL-24 cutting & creasing table and SKYTEK H2200 UV hybrid printer being the latest addition. On the new SKYTEK system, Haresh comments, “We choose this SKYTEK machine for some of its specific features, such as eco-friendliness, faster turnaround, and multi-media compatibility.”

He continues, “In addition to the highly versatile and upgraded SKYTEK H2200 UV hybrid printer, we appreciate Santosh Nair and his SKYTEK team for their all-time support and presence whenever we need their help.” He adds that the new SKYTEK machine + TOYO INK combo in their setup is a new marvel to accelerate the company’s continuing journey of manufacturing retail display solutions made of ‘green’ and sustainable corrugated boards.

Client list of Jayna Packaging consists of a handful of big retail brands, viz. Cadbury’s, P&G (Procter & Gamble), Unilever, among many others from the pharma domain.

“In conjunction with innovation, main ambition of our team, which plays a pivotal role in making what we are today, is to ensure our retail display solutions strongly take part in the race to save the Mother Earth. That’s why we adopt SKYTEK and Efi UV machines and utilise highly biodegradable corrugated boards,” says Harish.

He conclusively says there is no such magic but innovation they adopt behind all these achievements and recognition Jayna Packaging has achieved so far.