Karni Alufab reinvents brand values with Silicon Edge Graphic (SEG) solutions

When it comes to counting India’s league of leading manufacturers of aluminum profiles and textile media frames, Karni Alufab always comes to the forefront with its high-standard product range. The value and quality of Karni Alufab products are European standards par excellence.


Incorporated in the year 2017, Karni Alufab is the brainchild of Deepak Patel, who is now joined by his young and enthusiastic son Saurin Deepakkumar Patel in the capacity of BDM (Business Development Manager). Recalling the early days of Karni Alutab, Saurin mentions that his father started the company with a little support from a couple of staffers. “Today, I am quite proud of being part of our strong team of 17 experienced professionals,” he mentions.

Saurin continues, “My father started manufacturing aluminum profiles from scratch level. Then, that’s his comprehension of the industry and commitment to works which have triggered the overall business of Karni Alufab to where we are today.” As of today, the company’s product portfolio consists of more than 75 different extrusion profiles and multiple lighting options with comprehensive color selections, delivering exactly what its clients want.

Product portfolio

In a short span of its presence in the industry, Karni Alufab has garnered superior expertise in manufacturing aluminum profiles, frames, accessories, and Silicon Edge Graphic (SEG) solutions. The products in the portfolio are designed for both interior and exterior graphic applications for clients in diverse domains viz. retail stores, trade expos, corporate offices, classrooms, malls, theatres, home decor, etc.

“We have a wide range of products and accessories which are suitably designed for every branding and display requirement. Moreover, we work with detailed customization as our strength and we maintain core values of innovation, quality, and integrity in any product or solution we offer,” mentions Saurin, adding that they manufacture using the latest machines and technologies in the rhythm of the current industry requirements.

Production process

In line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Aatmanirbhar Bharat mission, Karni Alutab manufactures its products under the ‘Make in India’ vision. The company boasts a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant equipped with a line of high-end machines for making clip-on, acrylic polishing, profiles cutting and so on. Extruded aluminium profiles of Karni Alutab are manufactured with anodised coat which in turn makes the products long lasting and rust free.
“We manufacture our aluminum display profiles in such a manner to make any brand right and alluring,” says Saurin, adding that the products are flawlessly finished, totally safe in quick time with adaptable transportation policies at the most practical costs. Collectively, Karni Alutab delivers around 350 frames and 150 clip-on pieces a day.

Catchy SEG profiles

Karni Alutab wins clients with its expertise in adding value and quality to its extrusion profiles of extraordinary looks and appearance. In this, the company’s catchy range of Silicon Edge Graphic (SEG) profiles reinvents brand values in a new landscape. The aluminium framing profiles and textile frames are for both LED-lit and non-lit SEG displays. Saurin explains, “SEG is a high-resolution dye-sublimated & UV printed fabric graphic finished with a thin silicone strip, which is sewn to the edge of the fabric graphic, and then the strip is inserted into a frame with a recessed groove.”

He adds that Karni Alutab’s SEG solutions are popular for trade shows, outdoor ads and banners as well as in-store graphic and display applications. SEG becomes a norm in the digital textile market for many reasons—quick assembly; reduced shipping, installation and storage cost; lighter, more durable, more vibrant fabric, and more finished appearance than any traditional fabric graphic.

Pan-India network

Saurin Deepakkumar Patel

Karni Alutab boasts a pan-India network of its dealers based in all major cities and towns in West Bengal, Gujarat, Maharashtra, etc. “Moreover, South India is one of the vibrant and progressive markets for us,” says Saurin, adding that the company’s current client list consists of corporate companies like Reliance, Pizza Hut, Samsung (Galaxy Watch), Vivo, Oppo, etc.

Right from planning & designing, artwork variation, fabrication & production, packing & logistic up to the final installation & fixing work, Karni Alutab executes landmark projects for big brands across the country. A regular participant in all leading trade expos like Media Expo, Karni Alutab has future plan for launching more new products. In this, Saurin reveals that they are now gearing up to add around 3 to 4 new products for outdoor applications with which they will make a foray into the production of rigid media like ACP and acrylic boards, pushing the company’s current turnover of Rs 8 cr to another level.