Zünd India complements hardware with software solutions for highly-automated production process

In addition to offering its customers highly precise and innovative flatbed digital cutters, Zünd now complements its product portfolio with its software solutions to support overall production workflow before, during, and after cutting. Prasanna Venkatesh VA, Managing Director, Zünd India (P) Ltd, tells Sign & Graphics about the added benefits of this combo of hardware + software solutions.


Zünd has come up with some very interesting innovations lately, both on the hardware as well as the software front, in order to help its customers bring down their production costs. With the combination of hardware and software solutions, Zünd customers are now benefiting from a holistic solution that automates and improves various steps of their production. In this, Prasanna Venkatesh mentions that it goes a long way in assisting their customers to have an efficient shop floor, with possibilities of automated pre-press, and production planning including remote operations.

He continues, “Given that our product offering is highly modular and adapts to the customers’ changing requirements easily, we would be better positioned to offer even more efficient solutions straight away.
When it comes to Zünd’s presence in the packaging sector, Prasanna mentions, “Our strength has always been offering value to our customers in terms of productivity, precision, and reliability. There are sizeable installations of our machines at reputed packaging companies that use them for both sample making as well as short-run productions, including highly-automated industrial cutting.”

Prasanna adds, “Zünd solutions are very modular and flexible in nature. We do not tailor-make our machines based on market segments, instead depending on the customers’ requirements we configure the ideal cutting systems thanks to our modular approach. Since it’s just the tools and modules on the machine that need to be replaced depending upon the substrates to be cut, our customers have complete flexibility to explore various substrates on our machines and to respond to the changing needs of their customers, and even vertically integrate their production process.”

Prasanna Venkatesh

He further adds, “Zünd BHS-150, for example, is a solution that fully automates the cutting process from loading to cutting, and even sorting and palletizing. We have exclusively engineered this solution for the packaging segment. When it comes to the software, we have our workflow like ‘Prime Center’ for printed packaging products which helps our customers in for easy nesting of cut files and post cut sorting by incorporating Meta Data into the cut files.”

Zünd strives to offer the best to its customers, be it Modularity, Versatility, Productivity, Reliability, or Precision. The company’s digital cutters and software solutions offer a broad range of features to ensure all of these attributes together are available to customers.
For those who haven’t experienced Zünd solutions so far, Prasanna says, as clichéd it may be, better late than never! Please get in touch with us. Let’s talk workflow! Find out how we can bring your production to a new level in terms of efficient print file preparation, material-saving, and precise cutting, as well as automated sorting and kitting.”

In concluding note, Prasanna says Zünd India has had a wonderful post-pandemic year in 2021 and they see the trend continuing.