Yezdi retail experience in an integrated differentiation


The Czech brand JAWA is no stranger to Elephant Design, given that the design firm mapped and developed its retail journey for the Indian market following its resurrection by Classic Legends. But the story of these iconic brands coming to life does not end there. Classic Legends simultaneously acquired YEZDI and launched the brand, with pizzazz.

Client : YEZDI- JAWA | Work : In-Store Branding | Design firm : Elephant Design

YEZDI’s resurrection in the Indian market prompted the need to have an independent, equally compelling retail experience to merge seamlessly with JAWA’s. At the time of the JAWA launch briefing in India, Elephant Design was intimated well in advance about the future arrival of YEZDI and was thus able to plan the JAWA store with the YEZDI integration in mind.

The team at Elephant crafted a counterpoint YEZDI experience, with a ‘Tough on Terrain’ theme with sportier, rugged overtones, providing aspirational messages for the new class of machines. Differentiating YEZDI and JAWA while ensuring that both brands showcased their unique character was a delicate balancing act, achieved via restructuring zones and merging facets. From the outdoor fascia branding to the merchandise counter, the team ensured that both brands had equal value and led customers on the journey of their choice.

‘Tough on Terrain’ theme

YEZDI’s resurrection in India under Classic Legends echoes their mandate to reintroduce iconic brands to the modern Indian markets and with it, brings back the pioneering lifestyle that India was experiencing during its post-Independence era. YEZDI’s entry into the Indian market is a testament to this entrepreneurial spirit, where they weren’t simply satisfied being importers – but wanted to be automobile manufacturers in their own right.
This go-getter attitude, the will to chart your own path, and to emerge triumphant no matter what the terrain – THAT is the essence that YEZDI embodies and the core theme for the retail experience: ‘Tough on Terrain’.

In-store journey to rugged climes

Right at the frontage, a stylized YEZDI identity takes pride of place on the main signboard fascia, prominently contrasting against a bold, dark grey stripe—a timeless yet sophisticated color that communicates strength and stability. Striding past the main door, YEZDI enthusiasts can witness a subtle yet distinct segregation defining JAWA and YEZDI, wherein the YEZDI zone monopolizes the region from the entrance to the affinity table.
Gleaming sporty models grab desired attention upfront, and are angled to allow for optimal visibility, easy access, and touch-feel. New entrants can witness large, segmented, canvas-printed visuals – a fitting backdrop for the bikes. These convey the mood, persona, and lifestyle of the ‘Y’ riders as a compelling narrative in monochromatic, grunge imagery. It captures the rigorous landscape and awesome rider camaraderie while letting them revel in scenarios of their own, replete with thrill and adventure.

Reinforced space as YEZDI zone

Perforated paneling clubbed with the circular YEZDI insignia set below the TV screen, marks out and reinforces the space as the YEZDI zone. The common Merchandise Counter has a front face bearing the ‘Y’ along with related JAWA insignia, while the brand wall has a clearly defined YEZDI identity of equal value & prominence, but on a dark-grey background. As customers reach this final point concerning their in-store journey, each brand appears distinctly differentiated, allowing them to pick and choose at their discretion.
Ultimately, this retail journey integration, along with the demarcation of specific zones is all about offering dedication and devotion to YEZDI machines. This is a go-to space to frequent with other adrenaline junkies who are aware and have experienced the fact that they and their YEZDIs will be indulged with affection.
Classic Legends wanted Elephant Designs to integrate the YEZDI retail experience with what the design firm had already developed for JAWA. Both brands needed to co-exist under one roof while also differentiating themselves from each other, making this the prime challenge for the company’s retail design team.

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