Pixeljet inks get GREENGUARD Gold Certification

Monotech Systems has added another feather to its cap with its focus on future technologies, innovations, budget-friendly products, and green printing. The company’s Pixeljet UV inks are now GREENGUARD certified, which makes Monotech one of the few establishments in India to have the same.


Majority of human beings exposes to chemicals on a daily basis. It happens in enclosed spaces like our homes, workplaces, schools, and other indoor areas through the air we breathe. These airborne chemicals, also known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), are created during the production and upkeep of building materials, furniture, cleaning supplies, and personal care items.

According to a study by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the levels of VOCs in interior surroundings may be one to two thousand times higher than in outside situations. To lower the impact of VOCs in indoor environment and promote green printing, Pixeljet’s R&D team has formulated Green Inks which are environment-friendly and have been tested regularly to maintain ‘quality’. Pixeljet UV Inks are now GREENGUARD Gold Certified.

Products that have achieved GREENGUARD Certification are scientifically proven to meet some of the world’s most rigorous third-party chemical emissions standards, helping to reduce indoor air pollution and the risk of chemical exposure.

“Our GREENGUARD Certification makes Pixeljet the top choice for print partners in India because of our commitment to green technology. Our printing machines are used in both the signage and home decor industries, both of which will benefit from the certification. Additionally, we are receiving requests for indoor signage from many corporate houses that are seeking a greener branding solution and focusing on low carbon emissions,” says Manoj Garg, General Manager, Wide-Format Graphics, Monotech Systems.

He adds, “We are helping many brands adopt green printing solutions for retail and outdoor branding. Our team has executed over 20 campaigns since July for brands like Kaya Clinics and Reliance Brands. Our goal is to educate visual merchandisers, marketing heads and procurement heads about the latest printing technology and UV printing innovations. By channeling work through Pixeljet print partners in a variety of locations, we are assisting them to generate work locally and achieve early ROI.”

In addition to six colour variants, Pixeljet UV Inks include White & Varnish. The six-colour printing process combines light cyan, and light magenta with more commonly used four-colour process. With this the White is used in many applications such as transparent media & multi-layer printing, and the varnish that gives the artwork a glossy appearance.

In order to meet the needs of the signage and decor industry, Pixeljet is constantly striving to make their UV printers highly eco-friendly and taking many steps towards the Net Zero Initiative with low carbon emissions.

EPSON introduces SD-10
spectrophotometer colour measuring device

Underscoring its commitment to print quality, EPSON America announces the Epson SD-10, the first EPSON-built spectrophotometer. Designed to give SureColor wide-format customers a tool to accurately measure color, the SD-10 is an easy-to-use and full-featured color measuring device. The SD-10 is a compact, battery-powered device that can be used stand-alone via the built-in LCD display or wirelessly connected to a smartphone through the mobile app to make critical colour decisions on-the-go.

Allowing users to elevate their color with a simple color management tool, the SD-10 is ideal for print shops, designers and salespeople to capture, reproduce and confirm colors with confidence. Measuring colours accurately, consistently, and quickly, the SD-10 is easy-to-use, easy to carry, and its embedded battery allows for measurements to be taken virtually anywhere, anytime.