The tale of beautifying three IT parks


Clients : Oxygen Business Park, Candor and Bagmane
Works : Way-finding sign solutions
Locations : Noida and Bengaluru
Design firm : Version Absolute Design Studio (VADS)

Over the past year, Version Absolute Design Studio (VADS) has worked with three prominent IT park & SEZ developers in the country, namely, Blackstone India, Brookfield India in Noida, and more recently Bagmane in Bengaluru, working on standardising the way-finding experience within their individual many properties. Whilst the user profile was similar, how the brand agreed to address their navigational issues, was unique in each of these branded campuses.

Oxygen Business Park (OBP)

The first project of VADS with Blackstone India in Noida, this project has a total built up area of 3.2 million sq ft and is spread over 25 acres of site. The way-finding scheme for this project includes extending the logo identity to uniquely identify each tower with a colour and a pattern. Signs have been kept simple in construction with only the sign base tessellated which adds a design flourish that helps tie in the brand graphic identity with the three dimensional expression sign.


The work of Candor (Brookfeild Asset Management), Noida, was to standardise their way-finding experience and more importantly, their brand experience as Candor had acquired five existing Unitech IT parks. In addition to establishing this new brand, the way-finding programme also had to accommodate future buildings which were yet to be planned but at the time of appointment of VADS, were told will most certainly be. In this project, it was hence paramount to look at a modular sign system that could respond and evolve with the changing needs of the development.


With Bagmane, Bengaluru, VADS started working on standardising the way-finding experience across two large campuses in 2020. This has now been extended to cover five large & sometimes, interconnected campuses. The focus of VADS here has been to create a visually bold sign system that is the common identity/experience that binds all the sites together.


VersionAbsolute Design Studio (VADS)

New Delhi-based VersionAbsolute Design Studio (VADS) is one of the premier design consultancy firms in the country. Engaging in the process of conceptualisation, strategising, design and development of solutions for a given environment, VADS believes in adhering to the evolutionary and exciting, encompassing a range of design activities comprising architecture, interior designs, communication designs in the built environments. They always intend to provide cohesive and comprehensive design solutions, which include architecture/retail interior designs, graphic designs, often combining both the disciplines to value-add to the required products. For further detail about VADS and their works, visit: (Source & Courtesy: VADS)