Palladium extends art-deco theme of mall interiors


Palladium is considered as the first luxury retailing mall in Mumbai. Its latest retail development came come up at High Street Phoenix (HSP), Lower Parel, Mumbai. The mall implemented unique and innovative sign designs and way-finding solutions from VersionAbsolute Design Studio (VADS), which no other mall in the city ever installed.

Client : Palladium
Work : Sign designs and way- finding solutions
Industry : Luxury retail mall
Location : Mumbai

Phoenix Palladium, India’s first premium luxury retail and entertainment corner at Lower Parel, Mumbai, presents an environment that spells refined elegance, while shoppers soak in the retail offerings, restaurants, cafes, spas and more. The mall houses more than 250 premium brands sprawled across the well-designed retail space.

Irresistible shopping spot
What makes Phoenix Palladium so irresistible is the exceptional shopping in an atmosphere of sophistication and refinement, all under one elegant roof. Its unique design expression makes it a striking structure in the architecture of the city that never sleeps.

Theme & sign designs
VADS designed the signs to extend the art-deco theme of the mall interiors. The signs were designed in Italian marble, Onyx, SS with 3M Dinoc vinyl pasting and aluminium panel. The mall’s EDG scheme was proposed by Callison Architects, which was then developed into a sign design and way-finding scheme by VADS.

VersionAbsolute Design Studio (VADS)
VersionAbsolute Design Studio (VADS) in New Delhi is a premier design consultancy firm in the country.
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