Lifecare reshapes the perception of pharmacy

Lifecare Health is a subscription-based pharmacy that delivers a better quality of life to patients through smarter, effortless and cost-effective management of their healthcare needs, medical records and regimen. The brand stays on top of their customers’ wellness goals by monitoring their health on an ongoing basis; and helping them stay on track with timely medicines. Design firm Leaf helped shape their brand by rebuilding their identity system including patient life cycle management, content strategy and communication.


Challenging transformation 

The biggest challenge was the reposition of Lifecare from a medicine delivery company to a complete health management pharmacy.

Right approach

It was about making people consciously take charge of their own health by simplifying their journey towards better health.

From pharmacy to partner

It was about enabling patients to subscribe to better health, effortlessly. Leaf elevated the perception of Lifecare Health from just a pharmacy to being a partner in one’s wellness journey. They redefined the word ‘care’ from a noun to a verb. The logo design highlighted the letter ‘C’ in ‘care’ as a symbol of constant action in form of the curved arrow.

A subscription with Lifecare means that the right medication is always there when one needs it. So you never miss the best that life has to offer.

Translating better care into better life

At its core, Lifecare Health stood for simplifying life and empowering customers with a better, richer quality of life. Leaf understood how a chronic condition can affect the general quality of life for a patient. So, they identified that small doses of positivity can go a long way in recovery, by making patients feel loved and cared for. And so Leaf crafted a series of small, constant reminders infused with personal touch in every thought, word and action. This transformed the customers’ perception of a purchase transaction to personal relationship with the brand. (Courtesy:


Client : Lifecare Health
Work : Brand identity, business strategy & applications, promotion strategy & communication
Industry : Healthcare
Location : Noida, UP

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