Smartjet SJ-DTF 30 to make heat transfers for textiles more efficient than ever


Smartjet SJ-DTF (direct-to-film) heat transfer digital printers play a vital role in meeting the growing demands for personalised printed textile products. In this, J.N. Arora & Co has unpacked a new Smartjet SJ-DTF 30, which is perfectly designed for much easier and more efficient direct-to-film heat transfers on textiles and wearable garments.

SmartJet SJ DTF 30 from J.N. Arora & Co is a versatile direct-to-film (DTF) heat transfer digital printer. It is equipped with dual i3200 industrial printheads, most suitable for pigment inks for DTF. Taking up 610mm roll, the dual printheads in the printer can print graphics in 360x1800dpi (4 pass) at 17m/hr, 720x1200dpi (6 pass) at 11.9m/hr and 720x1800dpi (8 pass) at 6.8m/hr.

Unique specifications

Being one of the best-in-class powdering and colour fixing systems, SmartJet SJ DTF 30 is highly proficient in powder shake control, powder direction and volume control. This machine can accept media up to 760mm in width and a maximum thickness of 1mm. Its ink system is of transfer pigment ink type with the capacity of 220 ml continual ink supply system. It can process for CMYK + White printing to make flawless heat transfer labels on textiles or garments.

Applicable with diverse transfer films, SmartJet SJ DTF 30 boasts of its versatile media heating system (powder & colour fixing). It requires a power supply of 50HZ/60HZ, 220V, with a power consumption of 1KW–2.5KW, adjustable in the setup where the temperature should be maintained from 10oC to 38oC and humidity from 40 percent to 70 percent. Weighted 150kg, SmartJet SJ DTF 30 stands elegantly in a dimension of 1800mm (length) x 1200mm (width) x 1800mm (height).

Salient features

SmartJet SJ DTF 30 features a cool air fan function and automatic induction winding. Other salient physical features of the machine include its sturdy mute guide rail which has low noise and high precision. The carriage anti-collision device of the machine protects the printheads. The stable bulk system of the machine ensures unmatched printing speed. Simple control, a simple switch, simple operation and easy-to-use features make SmartJet SJ DTF 30 a highly user-friendly DTF heat transfer digital printer. The high-performance take-up device of the machine is designed in such a way to handle various media. In addition, the machine’s advanced power shaking device makes sure ‘clean’ power shaking.

New advancements

Who can invest in SmartJet SJ DTF 30? Dye-sublimation and screen printing service providers can go for this economical system to expand their print capabilities and take the business to another level. The machine is ideal for the production of vibrant colour heat transfers for both light and dark textiles. Compared to conventional transfer methods, SmartJet SJ DTF 30 meets the best print-on-demands at less time and the lowest cost for setup, with the best in class print quality against all similar machine types.

As a next-generation concept for garment printing and decoration, SmartJet SJ DTF 30 is an ideal DTF heat transfer printer with which one can experiment with versatile printing on transfer media to personalise a gamut of applications like T-shirts and other wearable garments. J.N. Arora & Co Pvt. Ltd. has always been a dynamic group to introduce such a new and versatile printer to the market.

Launching soon

J.N. Arora & Co is also launching the SmartJet SJ DTF-30 model soon. The printer is equipped with dual i3200 industrial printheads for printing with pigment inks, delivering graphics in 360×1800 dpi. It is fitted with a high-performance take-up device that can handle varieties of media. It can print a maximum 730 mm width.