Media Expo 2021

New Delhi to give an insight into new potential of OOH media in post-pandemic


As outdoor advertising checkpoints gradually become active, impact of OOH advertising will be significantly greater as compared to pre-pandemic period. With the countdown begins for Media Expo 2021 New Delhi, the expo has to share an insight into the endless potential of the OOH industry in the post-pandemic period.

Media Expo 2021 New Delhi is ready to unite leading players such as ColorJet, Mehta Cad Cam, Mimaki, Monotech, Rextone, Silicon Infotech, Timex Bond, among others.

During the lockdown periods the OOH industry experienced an all-time low period, recording nearly 50 percent de-growth. The reduced number of people on roads and transit, along with shutting of malls, retail showrooms and commercial complexes significantly neutralised the impact of OOH sector. Meanwhile, this also allowed digital advertising segment to expand its share in the market as countless businesses and advertisers adopted on-screen advertising and e-commerce mediums to reach the in-home audience.

According to a report released by Google, the mobility trends for public transportation hubs in India have surpassed pre-pandemic levels and currently stands at +1 percent across India. As the footfalls in public transportation continue to grow, the OOH industry will also see a gradual rise in the impact of transit advertising.

Return of OOH

Currently, the ‘shift to digital’ slogan has become more profound among advertisers, but the inevitable truth is that digital advertising cannot replace outdoor advertising. “OOH has proven itself time-in-time as an invaluable tool to increase brand awareness, drive store visits, build equity, and improve retail advertising effectiveness across the rest of the media. As outdoor advertising checkpoints gradually become active, the impact of OOH media will be significantly greater as compared to the pre-pandemic stage. The tangible and emotional touch that outdoor advertising provides will be much more cherished by consumers venturing out of their homes after a series of lockdowns. OOH media isn’t limited to advertising anymore, it is also being used to disseminate welfare messages to large audience,” said Smarth Bansal, GM Product/Brand Management, ColorJet.

While the OOH platform will continue to remain at the heart of advertising, digital and technology-enabled media will also continue to gain momentum in the coming years.

Digitally driven

Digitisation was already a driving force in OOH even before the pandemic. Several businesses and advertisers have engaged analytical-tools and software to pick the best locations for OOH campaigns and successfully target their audience in the most effective way.

As an evolution in traditional outdoor advertising, digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising has emerged a major phenomenon in the past few years andshowsgreat promise from a long-term perspective. In fact, DOOH is one of the fastest growing forms of advertising today which is also resilient to some of the problems faced in online advertising. For instance, similar to digital ads, DOOH provides the advantage of targeted and enhanced traffic data, however itis also immune to ad blockers.

As the OOH eco-system continues to evolve technologically, digital signage and billboards will continue to attract attention and offer greater opportunities to local manufacturers, while at the same time the printed ad segment will continue to carry on the legacy of traditional outdoor advertising.

A crucial meeting point

Backed by a successful legacy of over two decades of its existence, Media Expo New Delhi is undoubtedly the most trusted business platform that brings together leading global brands and creative professionals to converge and discover path-breaking future technologies in indoor and outdoor advertising & signage solutions.

In 2019, Media Expo New Delhi garnered a footfall of 17,711 visitors in total, of which 27 percent Indian visitors hailed from New Delhi, while the remaining 73 percent from other states like Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.

The trade fair also attracted attention from foreign buyers emerging from countries like Bhutan, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Nepal, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, UK and USA.

Return of physical edition

Returning in 2021 with its New Delhi edition, Media Expo is where creative professionals and advertisers can get attuned to latest trends in indoor and outdoor advertising. This year, the theme of coming New Delhi edition will be to support business recovery and localisation and strongly serve as a platform for businesses to identify growth opportunities in the Indian advertising industry.

“There is no doubt that Media Expo is one of the largest printing and signage advertising exhibitions in India and certainly an instrumental platform for our business. Over the years the exhibition has given us the opportunity to launch and showcase our new innovations before the global audience. This year, we are very excited to unveil our latest technology in solvent printers, eco-solvent printers, UV flatbed printers and UV roll-to-roll printers at the upcoming edition of Media Expo New Delhi in Greater Noida,” shared Shailesh Mehta, Director, Mehta Cad Cam Systems Pvt Ltd. In the 47th edition, Media Expo 2021 New Delhi is poised to reunite leading machine manufacturers and advertising professionals on its show floor at India Expo Mart, Greater Noida, which is scheduled from November 18–20, 2021. The expo will be organised under the safety parameters of MFI Safe Connect, thus providing a secure space for face-to-face business networking.