Mehta Cad Cam unpacks 3 new versatile systems—

BRUNO eco-solvent printer, REX flatbed cutting plotter & BLAZE UV roll-to-roll printer

Indigenously manufactured in their state-of-the-art Ahemdabad plant, Mehta Cad Cam Systems has introduced three new systems, ideally designed as prefect choices to take innovations to another level. Here come the three new systems—BRUNO eco-solvent printer, REX flatbed cutting plotter and Blaze 32: UV roll-to-roll printer.


BRUNO eco-solvent printer

Equipped with EPSON’s latest i3200 printhead called BRUNO, so is the name of the printer as Mehta BRUNO. This newly launched eco-solvent system is versatile, boasts of higher speed and longer life span than any other traditional printer. It has around 30 percent higher speed and 30 percent longer life span than conventional printers with EPSON DX5 printheads. Made with high-quality components give consistent performance for longer life and maintenance free, BRUNO Mehta can print up-to 1.6m and 1.8m widths with one or two EPSON i3200 printhead.

REX flatbed cutting plotter

Yet another new versatile product from Mehta Cad Cam, REX is one of the company’s first indigenous series of flatbed cutting plotters. REX Series machines are made with standard sizes like 4x8ft, 5x10ft and other options available as per the requirement of customers. These flatbed cutting plotters have unique design in which the cutting head will remain the same and one can use different types of cutting tools for different applications and materials. The systems have eight types of different cutting tools which include electronic oscillating knife, drag cutting tool, kiss cut tool, pen tool, driven rotary tool, v-cut tool, creasing tool and pneumatic tool.

Mehta Cad Cam’s expert team guides customers regarding which type of cutting tool should be used for their respective applications. REX is designed for a gamut of applications, for example: leather or PU cutting in automobile seat cover manufacturing, hand bags, shoes, sofa & chair covers and lots more. In addition, the flatbed cutting plotter is ideal for a wide range of applications in the signage market as it perfectly cuts cutouts and certain kinds of standees. With the use of camera, REX can cut border of printed hard sheets like sunpack, foamboards, etc.

Versatility of REX is that this system can be used in packaging industry too to make sample box or short-run production from different thickness of corrugated boxes, paper and paper boards. It has a wide application range in cutting different thicknesses of sponge foams for different applications. REX can also be used to cut different kinds of thin or thick fabrics for outdoor furniture, tents, interiors, etc.Wherever the laser cut of the system is not acceptable because of burning mark, knife cutter can be used for the same. Mehta Cad Cam welcomes samples from customers to be tested on REX flatbed cutting plotter.

BLAZE 32 UV roll-to-roll printer

As every one of us knows that the signage printing business is gradually shifting from solvent to UV printing, which is expected to be the sure future of graphic arts. Keeping this in mind, Mehta Cad Cam has introduced the economic but still stable 3.2m BLAZE 32 UV roll-to-roll printer with Konica Minolta 1024i (13pL) printhead called ‘BLAZE’.

According to Mehta Cad Cam, BLAZE 32 is the most ideal printer for printing both frontlit and backlit hoardings. Almost in the cost of solvent printer, one can invest in this UV roll-to-roll printer and increase profitability. It is designed to print on common flex media and some types of fabric. With BLAZE 32 one can give new direction tobusiness. The printer boasts of a running speed of around 560 sq ft/hr. For further information, contact at: +9192276 78041 or