Signage that shows ways with smile at Surya Hospital

When children are nurtured with care, it can change the way they heal. Healthy childhood is the beginning of a healthy future: Sometimes that’s all that matters.

Surya Child Care is a specialised and one of the largest hospitals setting benchmarks in Neonatal Intensive Care and Pediatric Health Care. With its expansion across the country, the brand needed to be consolidated with a stronger and more inspirational design to reflect growth and differentiate itself from competitors. The result was a space that reflected childlike fervour and simplicity with a high-level of proficiency and care.


Work : Brand strategy & positioning, identity system, culture & narratives, branded environment, digital strategy and website

Industry : Healthcare

Location : Mumbai


Balance nurturing for children with professional care and build a deeper emotional connection with the audience


To express how tenderness and love combined with medical expertise and advanced healthcare equipment is the greatest healer

Taking tender steps to a healthy life

A healthy childhood is the beginning of a good life. Embracing this very core of Surya, the new identity enveloped both care and good health in a single fold. Using the metaphor of a blooming flower, the logo captured the brand proposition of beginning life with care.

Spreading the spirit of thoughtfulness and care

The fresh colour palette combined vivacious pink as the colours of happiness and wellness, attracting the little minds, with sober teal that conveyed efficiency, expertise and trust and reassured the parent. The expressive, clean and inviting icons are supported by bright colours and childlike visual imagery to blend aesthetic with functionality

The complete range of collaterals extended the tender and caring brand proposition, one at a time. Each piece is equal parts aspirational and inviting, while keeping the brand language lovingly assertive and confidently caring.

Embracing the healing touch

The informative website for instance, is not only a friendly guide for parents but is supported by inspiring imagery that tugs at the heartstrings. Built as a platform for parents seeking help, the site uses responsive design and consistent UX to simplify the parent’s journey at the time of need.

Inspiring healing in a homely space

The challenge was to create a home away from home, a space equally exuberant, cosy and caring. Dotted with communication for the big and the little, the brand environment infuses a trusting and childlike vibe while gaining the trust of parents. With its three-pronged approach to Educate, Engage and Guide people at the hospital, Surya Child Care builds an easy experience.

Educating visitors gently towards healthy living. Engaging little visitors through riddles on the walls guiding anxious visitors through clean, soft and functional signage

Kids find a heaven

Engage the kids through simple puzzle type game with fun and happy visuals. Make it a place where kids love to be. Signage that shows the way with a smile

Guide to be well informed and reduce the level of anxiety. Signage which is very simple, clean, soft and functional. As said small touches of colour makes it more colourful then having the whole thing in color. So a sandwich structure with respective floor colour formed the language for signage.

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