A landmark huge site Portakabin wrap in London


Lavastar, a leading sign manufacturer in London, recently completed an impressive site cabin wrap in a high profile location in central London. The task at hand was to wrap a large modular site building with a digitally printed banner. Lavastar had directly wrapped portakabins in printed vinyl in the past, but this was a new challenge which was accepted with open arms. The idea of installing such a large site portakabin wrap with no existing framework might sound impossible. However, with some careful planning and a creative, forward thinking attitude, Lavastar were making swift progress from the word go. The process of installing a site cabin wrap is not too dissimilar to that of a scaffolding wrap. The key difference being that instead of extending the existing scaffold to house the banner, a whole new purpose built framework must be installed. A decision was made early on in the project to opt for a mesh banner for this printed site cabin wrap.