Kyocera and Mehta Hitech’s engineers work together


Kyocera and Mehta Hitech’s engineers have had worked together for the advancements in the performance of Mehta’s printers equipped with Kyocera printheads printers. Over the course of their two intensive days, a dedicated team led by Kohei Hamada, Leader of Team KAP in Japan, and Takashi Miyaura, General Manager of Printing Device Division in Singapore, with their team worked closely with Mehta’s engineers lead by Vijay Patel to elevate the capabilities of Mehta’s Kyocera flatbed printers.

Through this collaborative effort, numerous innovative techniques and better waveform, new parameters have been developed, which eventually lead to substantial improvements in printing quality and speed. The team’s meticulous work resulted in a remarkable 15 percent increase in printing speed. Mehta’s UV flatbed printer, equipped with Kyocera printheads, has reached a level of maturity that allows it to stand strong in terms of performance and stability amid other printers worldwide. This achievement shows Mehta Hitech’s commitment of delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet and exceed the expectations of its customers.