Caldera announces driver compatibility with Canon Colorado M-Series


Caldera has announced the release of new drivers to support the Canon Colorado M-Series printers.Version 16 of CalderaRIP is officially compatible with the Canon Colorado M-Series printers, which comprise Colorado M-Series M3, Colorado M-Series M3W, Colorado M-Series M5 and Colorado M-Series M5W.This M-Series printers offer special effects (matt, glossy or mixed) and white ink capabilities to match a wide range of graphic applications. The new Canon Colorado M-Series printers are the first roll-to-roll large-format graphics printer that is modular in speed configuration and media handling.The Power of UVgel Technology of the printers creates robust, fade, and scratch-resistant prints with excellent print quality. The new UVgel white ink developed just for the Colorado M-series printer, now brings PSPs a next-level white ink that reduces the hassles associated with white ink.