Zünd-Caldera collaboration software PrimeCentre creates ultra-efficient workflow


Zünd and software manufacturer Caldera have launched a new software solution that creates an ultra-efficient workflow. PrimeCenter simplifies file preparation and output, allowing users to configure their workflows– from design to print to cut – with the level of automation that best meet their needs. Workflow management is becoming more complex and so is the coordination of internal production processes. More and more often, web shops are integrated as an additional sales channel. This tends to increase the number of jobs while decreasing the run length. From a production standpoint, it heightens the need for a highly flexible, easy-to-use file-prep procedure. Which is exactly the reason why the creation of PrimeCenter. In just a few steps, the user can take artwork and create a print-ready layout. In doing so, the user can choose to go through the required steps manually or create a fully automated process.