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PrintDelta makes world-class products & services
accessible to print shops in the remotest parts of India

PrintDelta, a subsidiary of Rex-Tone Digital Limited, partners with the best-in-class global brands and products that they supply nationwide covering customers based in the remotest parts of the country. SAURABH GOSWAMY of Rex-Tone Digital Limited (PrintDelta) in a freewheel conversation with SIGN & GRAPHICS narrates about the company’s unique business model, range of products and services they offer.

Saurabh Goswamy
The main objective of PrintDelta is to ensure that every print shop, whether in a big city or a remote town in India, gets what they expect with the world-class standard of products and services. The current product portfolio of the company consists of a diverse range of vinyl materials, translite, photo paper, wallpapers, inkjet textile media, clear board film, ultra clear glass film and many others. In addition, PrintDelta represents HP offering a range of Latex and Designjet printers and other machines in the portfolio. The company sources the best products within each vertical or range.

“We have been in the industry for more than 15 years. Year after year we keep seeing new innovations surfacing across the world, flaunting at the big international expos like drupa, SGIA, FESPA, etc. around Europe and America; but we came to know that those products and technologies had not yet fully accessible to those based in the remote towns away from big cities in India. It was when this idea was set in we eventually decided to introduce PrintDelta,” says Saurabh Goswamy, adding that they have a long-standing relationship with their customers in the industry and the new venture was an attempt to leverage it to a new level.

“There are some distributors in some pockets around big cities in India distributing the products we have in our portfolio. However, when we go to smaller cities there is lesser chance to find these materials at the right price. In this respect, we’d like to put in this way: smaller the cities you go lesser the chance to find these materials at the right price,” informs Saurabh. So the ultimate attempt of PrintDelta, according to him, is to take such products down to the remotest market corner, including the smallest market in the country, helping those print shops there in production of the same kind of applications their counterparts do in big cities, at the same price.

Channel partners

Said to be ‘India’s Best GO-TO Market Team for B2B Print Products & Services’, PrintDelta has successfully optimised its penetration across the length and breadth of the Indian signage/graphic art market through a wide network of more than 100 channel partners dotted in far and near corners of the country. “We follow B2B model, which means that we supply our products to our customers via channel partners, at the right prices,” says Saurabh.

Team PrintDelta
PrintDelta has warehouses in five major cities—Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and Vadodara. Other than these main storage centres the company’s products are stored by its channel partners in their respective warehouses. “Our channel partners hold stock and we support them in brand narration. After all, it’s our channel partners that connect us to local customers and build local relationship. It’s all about win-win for everyone partnering with us,” says Saurabh.

A new market

Overall attempt of PrintDelta is not merely being a supply chain but to create a new market. “What we normally see in the market is that many printers have great machines, materials and solutions. But still there exists the gap in terms of their ability to convert them into real business. For example, some PSPs or print shops produce wallpapers printed on HP Latex system. But the question is: Can they be able to get their customers come and buy the wallpapers directly from them? Another example, when you want to buy wallpapers you don’t go to print shops, you head for a wallpaper shop. The wallpaper shop may be getting their products from print shops, but we have little or no awareness of buying wallpaper from a print shop. In this respect, our attempt is to channelise this possibility and concept into real business,” says Saurabh. As on today, PrintDelta boasts 3,000 plus clients across the country.