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The automotive battery market in India is highly competitive with brands like Exide and Amaron leading the charge. The market is projected to reach US$ 8.6 billion by 2022. Amid this challenge, Livguard is yet another emerging powerhouse whose brand has been stood out amid others, visibly flaunted through diverse promotional campaigns run by the branding firm Transcend.

Brand strategy

Livguard is transcending in the energy storage space and aspired to be a challenger and third biggest by 2018. This was what the team Trancend found when they embarked upon an extensive stakeholder research across the market. Livguard had some inherent strength primarily in distribution and product development. However, the stakeholder expectations of the automotive battery were different and hence, Livguard needed to be sufficiently differentiated to break the clutter.

Key insights

When the team Trancend started working on the brand promotion campaigns for Livguard, particularly the outdoor displays, one of the key insights the brand consulting firm attentively had in mind was that the heat and dust of Indian roads would make it a challenging terrain. Added to this was the gruelling condition of the roads ranging from smooth to no roads at all in many areas. The battery being a vital part for the vehicle’s functioning had to withstand the torture and still be reliable.

The insights led the team Trancend to develop an inside-outside strategy. To be tough outside you need to be tough on the inside. This propelled developing a new generation battery design with contour corrugation, anti-leak and extra weight. The outside strategy adopted a bold styling with new brand colours of red and black. The uni-case identity has the numeral ‘1’ embedded with an electric spark as a counter-form.

Tough battery

Overall tasks in the campaigns included everything right from redesigning the company logo, branded it on the battery, stationary items, packaging cartons and magazine stands. In a bigger way, delivery vans were wrapped with the new logo and brand identity with other applications including roadside hoardings and store front signs (front-lit and back-lit) printed on high-end durable materials.

Moreover, Livguard batteries are tested under extreme conditions making it India’s truly ‘tough battery’. The brand line for the battery built to take the treacherous Indian roads is ‘Rough India’s Tough Battery’.

End result

In a short span, Livguard has been ranked as the fastest growing battery brand in the automotive batteries market of India, clocking quarter of million units in the last quarter. It was awarded as ‘India’s Most Promising Brand’ by World Consulting and Research Corporation based on the product’s market acceptance and growth in November 2015.

Know about Trancend

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