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NetBramha’s creation of StoreKing brand logo

Clients: StoreKing
Works: Brand logo creation
Locations: Various retail stores

In a constantly changing world, it’s ever so important for any establishment to create a brand that provides motivation, creates trust, and helps with connecting to consumers. Branding goes way beyond logo or graphic elements. This is the challenge that NetBramha had to disrupt with design for StoreKing.

StoreKing is a technology driven digital retail company, highly focused to connect brand with rural consumers. The company transforms an identity that is changing the face of rural India. In this respect, NetBramha created an entire revamp of their website, brand, and logo. NetBramha established a set of ideas to guide their design phase: connect with rural, scale it with honesty, relate before create, and strengthen brand versatility. Combining the old and the new and created a dynamic branding that was the voice of rural India.

Colours and typography

The whole design of StoreKing logo is interestingly titled rustic and the chosen colours and typography are very crisp and clear so that it is visible from distance. The cart, crown, and a clear typography are combined to deliver a holistic dynamic brand experience.

The logo morphs itself into local languages to connect to the audience in language that they relate to the most. By being ‘glocal’ in brand the design reflects trust and confidence with customers from tier-II and III cities without the fear of new and modern.

Rural connection

Every aspect of the brand such as colour, logo and font were applied in a manner to relate with rural charm. Emotional appeal, critical for a rural-based crowd, was absolutely needful for a successful rebrand strategy. The cart, crown and a clear typography in the logo were designed to deliver a holistic dynamic brand experience. In a countrified environment, the coloured cart and crown exude an aura of emotion and association while also imbibing the e-commerce with a unique identity.

Presence at stores

StoreKing was incepted in 2013 with a vision of digitising the rural customers with 200 stores. In the following year, the retail company forayed into Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh with more than 800 stores covering 500 towns and villages. StoreKing App, introduced in 2014, has been installed by more than 2000 kiosks with 500 brands on the platform. As of now, StoreKing has partnered with Paytm, Shopclues, Delight Foods, Baby Oye and many other online partners with more than 8000 stores covering new areas including Goa, Maharashtra and Telangana.

About NetBramha

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