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NEGI Sign Systems ties up with Kornit Digital

It has been announced that NEGI Sign Systems & Supplies Co. has joined hands with the Israeli textile machine manufacturer Kornit Digital for distributorship of the latterís Allegro roll-to-roll all-in-one textile printer exclusively all over India.

Kornit Allegro is a complete solution being designed to eliminate external process steps, enabling users to achieve the best results right from PFP (prepared for print) to finished printed fabric in a matter of minutes. Designed to process everything in one system, this advanced textile printer features re-circulating 64 Spectra Polaris printheads (seven colours + 1 fixation on the fly).

Built in a dimension of 181x80x84 inch, weighing 3500kg, Kornit Allegro is attuned to CMYK + Red + Green + Gray ink types, which means one ink set for any fabric type. With its high precision adhesive belt conveyor system, the printer transports media (fabrics) at ease and its axial unwinding system with adjustable fabric width and tension mechanisms make feeding easier than any other conventional textile printers. Capable to handle 15mm thick textile media, the types of fabrics compatible with this all-in-one textile printer include common woven and knitted fabric materials, all natural, synthetics and blend fibre types.

Kornitís water-based NeoPigment roll-to-roll inks are absolutely free of heavy metals, formaldehyde and Alkylphenol Ethoxylates (APE), making them non-hazardous, non-toxic and 100 percent biodegradable. Designed to provide the most ecological and sensible solution to digital textile printing, one can print on the widest variety of fabric types with one ink set and experience excellent results time and time again.

Girvir Singh Negi, director, Negi Sign Systems & Supplies Co. with Pradeep Aggarwal, channel sales manager, Kornit Digital
Capable to run at the speed of 200 sq m/h in high speed production mode, Kornit Allegro delivers graphic prints of up to maximum 600x800 dpi resolution. The printer is engineered with fully-automated production process with complete integration of advanced technologies including web-to-print platform. Every single process in the system is eco-friendly and 100 percent waterless. This system doesnít need any external processes such as pre-treatment, steaming and washing. And above all, all it takes to handle Kornit Allegro is a single operator and a small space.

In addition to Kornit Allegro, NEGI Sign Systems & Supplies Co. will distribute Kornitís industrial DTG (direct-to-garment) systems suitably designed for printing high-volume garments, such as T-shirts and other wearable fabrics. DTG models are available as Kornit Avalanche and Kornit Storm platforms. The DTG systems have large printing areas, patented dual bridge architecture and fully-automated maintenance.

Now the addition of Kornit Allegro and DTG systems to its product line has enhanced the machine portfolio of NEGI Sign Systems & Supplies Co. to a new standard, opening up fresh prospects in textile printing.